Christian Charity

Christian Charity December 25, 2017

You guys know I have a pretty tumultuous relationship with Christianity. I try to remember all the good Christian friends I have but it’s hard to hold onto that in the face of so many Christians trying to take over the world and destroy other people’s faiths.

However, a couple weeks ago a Christian stranger did something remarkable for me and reminded me that most people are good, most people want to help others, be kind, and make the world a better place.

So Garrick Ravi and I walked to the grocery store and on the way home a pick up truck pulled up beside me. I stopped thinking someone was asking for directions. The woman rolled down her window and leaned across to say that she was hoping to find me. She had seen us at the grocery store but I left so quickly she couldn’t catch me. She said that she and her husband like to give out something for kids around Christmas.

She said when she got in her truck she prayed to the Lord to let her find me and she did.

I thanked her and told her how sweet that was. As I reached for what she offered I expected a dollar tree toy and a church brochure.

But no. She handed me $45 cash and asked me to buy something special for Garrick Ravi for Christmas!

I was floored by her generosity and thanked her profusely.

I never mentioned not being Christian (something I usually make a point of, particularly when praying to The Lord comes up). I wonder if I didn’t because I was being greedy. I wonder if she cared, as she certainly didn’t ask whether I was Christian before giving this gift and she gave no pitch for her church. I wonder if it is wrong for me to accept Christian charity.

Most of all, though, I am grateful that there are Christians in this world who understand the true meaning of their religion, which is kindness and charity. Not that everyone should feel like they have to give money to strangers, but a Christian should be thinking of others and giving what they can to uplift others.

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  • Carrie Thompson-Rella

    To say I have a tumultuous relationship with Christianity is quite an understatement for me. So, I know I am still not convinced she was just moved by her faith and simple kindness to bless you with the money. I’m still thinking, “The real motive was surely ulterior.” I imagine she was witnessing to you. Were you wearing your kumkum or Bindi? See how terrible I am? I feel such resentment toward Christians due to both poor experiences & hearing about all their bloody “missionaries” who are “saving” all the poor heathens. I’ve GOT to get over that. It’s not healthy. Nor is it proper ahimsa. I’m working on it!!! Thanks for your article. It made me take a step back. Like you said, it was extremely generous.

    • Ambaa

      I know exactly what you mean! I struggle so much to approach Christianity and Christians with an open mind. Too much trickery 🙁 I was completely incognito so I think she must have assumed I was like her

  • Catherine

    It was a generous gift though she did make the point of letting you know the “Lord” had led her to you.

    • Ambaa

      I do think she assumed I was Christian like her, as most people do. I think it was just how she talks, really!

      • Catherine

        That’s a good point. It would sound strange where I come from but if it’s how most people talk where you live then it isn’t that odd.

  • Donald M

    A lovely example of true giving with no attachment to the results. Godly behavior whether Christian or otherwise.

  • Prabhakar Rao

    Its great..We are all Hindus…because its not a religion…Its a way of life…Westerners made it as a religion…

  • Kumar Setty

    It really depends on the individual. Ten people can read a scripture and have ten different interpretations of the same verse. I identify with Hinduism. I have worked with and met the most charitable, most open-minded, and truly wonderful people who happen to be Christians and I have encountered people who lack all these virtues and who happen to be Hindus, and vice-versa. The most rational approach is to judge each person on an individual basis. In any case, I can’t think of a better approach.

  • showyourfacewithpride

    A nice gesture. Perhaps the lady really loves kids? Perhaps it’s proof of your little boy’s cuteness! I wonder though…she could have given the money to a homeless or low-income person.