So, It Wasn’t Just a Fluke: Exposing Planned Parenthood in New York

Recently, I posted a video taken in Austin, Texas at a Planned Parenthood.  A woman tells the agent that she wants to have an abortion, depending on the gender of the baby.  If it’s a boy, she’ll keep him. If it’s a girl, she’ll abort and try again.  Some have said that this was very rare  – that Planned Parenthood is against gender-selective abortions.  However, here’s Part Two, taken in New York City:


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  • Thomas Hubbard

    How many are aware that abortion goes back thousands of years. It was practiced by Jessabel to kill any chances of Gods prophets from being born. It was also practiced by Islamic groups on none Muslim women. Now what can this tell you about selection abortion.

    • otlset

      It’s bad.

  • Amy

    prolife all the way no matter what circumstance!

  • Lyle Brinegar

    That is so sad that a mother (I realize this was a sting) would have this attitude about her baby. It is not alarming to me however that PPH has this attitude. After all, they have no problem murdering babies. Why would it’s gender have an impact on anything. Thanks Bristol for pointing out who really has declared war on women.

  • AFS

    Again, I ask, what are you proposing? So these people come in to have an abortion, and they base their decision on something most people consider totally immoral. Should PP be closed because of this, and the over 90% of other services they provide to poor women be scrapped? Are PP employees suppose to use their own judgement and decide who gets an abortion, and who doesn’t? Is that their role – to play god? I’m just going to repaste my comment from the previous discussion until you explain how you exactly want us to react – or if your entire goal is just to demonize an organization that helps poor people:

    “Planned Parenthood provides healthcare to millions of poverty stricken women and even men (including myself). So easy for you to attack them since you never had to worry about health insurance – being that you have government health insurance from your mother, not to mention the cash that comes from celebrity notoreity to cover your medical costs and those of your son with no problem.
    Over 90% of what PP does has nothing to do with abortions. Why attack them? It is especially tactless considering your privileged position. Disagree with abortion? OK. Make an ethical argument, a moral argument. Make your point to change the laws. But smearing PP – what is your point? Is it better that PP shuts down and millions of women have NO more healthcare options? So easy of you to say from your lofty perch.
    Also I noticed your support for Scott Walker – someone who is all to eager to cut social services and benefits for his constituents and government employees. So force women to give birth, and then don’t provide them or their children with any care afterward?
    My my, I sure got the message of the bible wrong. I thought the ONLY thing Jesus spoke about was love for your fellow man and helping the poor. I’m so glad I have rich folk like you to enlighten me Bristol.”

    • section9

      I do hope we’re not trying to rope in Jesus the H. Christ on behalf of the Abortion Providers now.
      I mean, I’ve seen liberals jump many sharks since Obama and his White House bailed on the Wisconsin recall effort, especially in the 48 hours before Walker trounced Barrett, but I have yet to see the implication applied that if Jesus were here, he’d be Standing Tall For Abortion Rights.
      That is Definitely a new one.
      Lastly, about Planned Parenthood: started by Margaret Sanger, a Eugenicist who had a hand in the infamous Tuskeegee experiments. She got her start at the height of the Progressive Eugenics Craze in the bad old days of the late Twenties, early Thirties. Unfortunately, some German people picked up on some of her “research”.

    • Emma Lora

      AFS… Bristol has given us information . What we do with it is our concern. She does not have to make a point and frankly neither do you. I am pro life and don’t need or want your (People like you) approval. I am disgusted with the destruction of tiny human life. That’s right in abortions the potential human was alive and was destroyed… millions of little lifes. How many had the DNA to find cure for host of diseases that still exist today. What potentials have been destroyed??

    • kjb4mhs

      It’s not the government’s job to provide for the people. The RESPONSIBILITY to care for one’s self and take RESPONSIBILITY for one’s actions still belongs to the person/people to whom the need applies. End of story. Period.

    • chris-WRIT

      Is your post an intentional attempt to change the subject?

      PP’s foundation is based on population control. Yes, they provide other services, but not only are they not the only provider of them, they aren’t anywhere close to the best provider of them.

      If PP were shut down, then “millions of women” would simply obtain health in any one of the mass of charitable healthcare providers out there.

      Besides, the point is the objection to abortion, which you either missed completely, or are intentionally avoiding.

      If abortion is only 10% of what PP does, then banning it would not affect 90% of their work, right? Why are you claiming that opposition to 10% of their activity is tantamount to “shutting them down”?

      Is it because of some kind of internal understanding that abortion is the very foundation that PP rests on?

      That said, I’m of mixed opinion about this whole “sex selective abortions” thing.

      Yes, it’s terrible to decide to have an abortion because of the childs gender.

      But then it’s not exactly worse than deciding to have an abortion because of the “totally cute bikini” you just bought for your upcoming Hawaii vacation or something….

    • kjb4mhs

      And in case you need more proof of the illegal gendercide, there is a part 3 located here:

    • AFS

      Thank you for replying to my comment. No sarcasm here, I appreciate that some of you actually took the time to reply to my argument. Unfortunately I don’t think we will ever find common ground. I would never throw a woman or a doctor in jail for terminating an unwanted pregnancy. I believe every living, BORN person deserves medical care regardless of whether they were born rich or poor. I would be much more open to pro-life arguments if the pro-life crowd actually, you knowed, cared about people who are living (by opposing war, supporting healthcare for all, supporting environmental regulation). Until then, I will continue to oppose you. I guarantee you that women will not allow their right to control their own bodies to be taken away again. I hope you will see that fighting this battle is a big waste of time, time better spent finding solutions to major problems facing our nation and civilization. Because I guarantee you once we have a strong middle class, support families, and have good healthcare for all abortions will ALSO begin to decline. Something to think about.

  • Whatwhywhenwherewho

    This sting has been carried out all over the western world to discredit family planning services. Firstly this kind of blindly biased argument cheapens the real growing problem of sex selection in some cultures that is spreading into the US. Obviously what it doesn’t address is that these people will act according to their barbaric beliefs regardless of whether the state provides access to women’s maternal health services. The British national health services have began to ban sex screening in areas with high South Asian demographics.
    Again,there is never a sufficient answer from the knee jerk conservatives (not spectacularly successful at practicing what the preach) as to why countries that supply access to female contraception, and legal medically supervised abortions, perform fewer abortions and far fewer late term abortions than those countries that do not.

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  • John

    Dear Bristol

    I am shocked with what I am learning. Thank you for exposing this. I considered myself a good liberal who supports abortion for cases of rape, incest and when the mother’s life is in danger, is that not why we have the law? Now it is being abused for all kinds of selfish reasons and I think I am starting to agree that it is murder. I am also learning that Margaret Sanger and PP was formed to control the “Negro” population among others?

  • John

    I want to correct someting in my post above.

    I meant to say that I am learning more about Margaret Sanger and the fact that PP was formed to control the “Negro” population among others. I hope that reads better.


  • teflon warrior

    Bristol, what is the best way to get a message/request to your mom? I’d like to get a Letter of Recognition for my 26 years of service in the military for my retirement in August & I’ve tried several channel (mail/SARAPAC) to no avail. Can you help?? I’d really appreciate it Thanks!


  • Freebird

    pro choice its your body do as you please !! not saying wrong or right its just your choice