So, It Wasn’t Just a Fluke: Exposing Planned Parenthood in New York

Recently, I posted a video taken in Austin, Texas at a Planned Parenthood.  A woman tells the agent that she wants to have an abortion, depending on the gender of the baby.  If it’s a boy, she’ll keep him. If it’s a girl, she’ll abort and try again.  Some have said that this was very rare  – that Planned Parenthood is against gender-selective abortions.  However, here’s Part Two, taken in New York City:


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  • Lisa Rentuor

    I found it interesting that the PP Employee said, “….the sex of your pregnancy” instead of, “….the sex of your baby (or the fetus).”
    Just one more way they de-humanize a child in the womb.
    Also, I have 3 girls. What in the world are people thinking? Who cares if you have boys or girls…really. Our society is so selfish. Adopt a boy if you must have a boy. Put your daughter up for adoption if you don’t want to have another girl.
    Good for this woman for doing the sting. I give her high praise and hope the best for her. She must be under serious spiritual attack for going against a monster like PP.

  • Carol moorby

    Just read this post …missed it before! Thank you for exposing this…There are always those who will defend PP because they have been convicted.Christians are often accused of twisting scriptures but it seems that the unbelievers do a good job of doing that themselves. Theres no such thing as an unwanted baby because some where there is someone who can’t have children and would love to adopt one. There is unfortunately unwanting mothers and fathers. There are other organizations who can provide help for woman without abortion being a part of it. I pray that PP are put out of business because murder is a sin. It is hard to believe that people don’t understand the protection of abstinence. It is the perfect birth control. But people scoff at it and ridicule it because of ignorance . Most of them are atheists, agnostics and secular humanists. Some have never even heard the salvation message or have ever been in a Bible believing church. . This topic is spiritually discerned and is foolishness to those with a natural mind God says. Save your breathe……don’t cast your pearls because the world is clueless! This post is a wonderful exposure of evil and is appreciated by Christians who will use this information to pass on to our brothers and sisters in The Lord. We must reveal the truth…keep up the good work Bristol…nlessings