Did I Take the President’s Words Out of Context?

Earlier this week, I took offense when President Obama said,

“If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

So, I asked small business owners to send in photos of what they built with their intelligence and elbow grease… without any help from the government.  You guys responded with amazing photos, which were made into this awesome video.

Some of the comments suggested I’d taken his words out of context.  Here’s a helpful video of Charles Krauthammer explaining why this isn’t so:


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  • http://myrightwingopinion.blogspot.com/ Shannon

    I definitely do not think his words were taken out of context. If he had said “You built that with the help of others”, it would have made more sense. Instead, he not only said “You didn’t build that”, but he implied brains and hardwork don’t matter in success unless you have help from the government. I wrote on it in my own blog, linked below.


  • robhart

    No, you did not take him out of context. One hears things but can’t understand. Others listen closely and know in their hearts what has been said. Spirit led gives to those who follow an abilty of inner depth of understanding. Stand strong, Bristol. Stand with a “steel spine.”

  • Angie Wilson

    Hey Bristol,
    I got a couple links posted on my fb wall in response to posting your (awesome) video. The links were meant to point out that that comment (“you didn’t do that”) was taken out of context. Here was my response: ”
    I appreciate the context of his comment…but I still find it appalling. He didn’t need to add that comment. It was unnecessary and poorly thought out. It’s the presidents duty to be considerate of his audience and be above reproach. Giving a speach that includes a statement that can offends hundreds of thousands of hard-working Americans is careless.”

    So as always, I totally love your boldness and your brains. You are awesome girlfriend!

  • Terry King

    Of course it is out of context and Charles is BSing everyone because he talks to true believers. Even Bristol knows truth from political venom. Even Mitt Romney said almost the same as Obama verbatum. So ride the lie into the sunset live among the lame.

  • zebramzee

    “Government is good at one thing: It knows how to break your legs, hand you a crutch, and say, ‘See, if it weren’t for the government, you wouldn’t be able to walk.’ “- Harry Browne

  • Gary Ernsthausen

    BO just wants the generations of welfare receiptiants to feel good that they have built a way to live at the cost of many others. At the rate of his spending we will not always be able to fund the socialist programs. BO don’t like people tearing down his speeches when he is after more votes. It is just too bad BO was ever elected and we had to put up with him this long.

    • Gwen

      BO just wants the generations of welfare receiptiants to feel good that they have built a way to live at the cost of many others. <<<

      This is the kind of garbage that damages any argument you may have. It's also quite obvious where you get the misinformation that forms your world view. There is no such thing as "generational welfare recipients." There hasn't been since 1996–the Welfare Reform Act. The maximum amount of time one can receive welfare is 5 years, in their lifetime. Period. After 5 years, that's it. And, when one does receive cash assistance, they either have to attend school or work a certain number of hours per week. And, to receive cash assistance, one has to have at least one minor child in the home. Meaning, there aren't droves of low life childless bums out there sucking up cash assistance. That's why it's called TANF (temporary assistance to needy families). Most people who receive welfare actually work, they just don't make enough to survive–but hey, we don't need a minimum wage, do we? Ask your tea party candidates. Most of them don't believe a minimum wage is necessary.

      Childless adults can receive food stamps but it's a paltry sum when they do. Can you eat on $15-30 bucks a month? That's usually what a single person with no dependents can receive. And it doesn't just drop out of the sky. One has to jump through a lot of hoops and prove they're dead broke with no income to receive that ridiculous amount.

      And yes, more people are receiving food stamps than they have in years, but the rise in recipients started under the Bush administration when we started losing a half a million jobs a month. But yeah, no one likes to acknowledge that little fact.

      They will just haul their misinformed hineys to the polls in November and vote for a man who will implement the exact same things that put us in this position in the first place. Yeah, let's give more tax cuts to the likes of Mitt Romney. Those job creators have enjoyed the lowest tax rates since the 1950's. Where are the jobs? No, really. Where are they?

      BTW, did you know one of the biggest "safety net" expenditures is the earned income tax credit? How many people on this board take that on their returns every year?

      • Ba

        Well put.

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  • Joseppi

    If you have to question yourself about it, then you know you did.

  • bellagrazi

    Of course not! That’s what Obama’s supporters always say when there is a backlash to the nonsensical things Obama always says. Which means you hit a nerve, Bristol. Keep it up!