Guess Who Was Spotted at Chick-fil-A?

If you support Chick-fil-A’s stance on traditional values, please show it by stopping by and eating some waffle fries this weekend!

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  • mistah charley, ph.d.

    I will not be eating there, for two reasons. First, I don’t eat animals or animal products anymore. Second, I am in favor of marriage equality. I am in a heterosexual marriage and I don’t think it is at all threatened by anyone else’s relationship. See Bonnie Raitt’s music video for the song “Right Down the Line.”

  • James

    KFC! KFC! KFC! There chicken is better anyway.

    • James


  • B

    You know – today wasnt about homophobia or gay bashing or hate, it wasnt about doing the “it” thing like everyone else or jumping on some bandwagon, today I was standing up for my freedom of speech and freedom of religion – what comes after the legalization of same-sex marriage? where do you draw the line after that bigamy, polygamy, adults marrying children ? and now that our government has pushed their healthcare agenda do i then have to support your communal families healthcare needs? or your multi spoused household where would it stop- you cant draw a new line because there just isnt another one? – have I ever called you names based on your race, preference, sex or other? you scream tolerance and yet if i dont conform to your belief system i am bullied and attacked- how is that tolerance? have i ever told you who you are allowed to love ? have you ever once heard a #chickfila employee ask you your sexual preference before serving you your meal (with a smile and a positive attitude)? – I also pose this thought to you based on my governments requirements to take biology and health classes to graduate… without “traditional marriage” or a traditional male/female relationship (on some level) would any of us be walking around today … for some reason i just dont think so – and by the way God gave me the rainbow as as symbol and a promise to never again completely wipe the earth so yes wear it loud and wear it proud thats my promise (and yours) you use as your banner God is love and I love God

    • Ellie

      It wasn’t just about ‘freedom of speech’ – gays get bashed all the time, and many of them have learned to let it roll off their shoulders. It’s about Chick-Fil-A using patron’s dollars to then support anti-gay foundations, and the people now boycotting the business are people who don’t want to dump their money into a hate fund.
      As far as the rest of your post goes, no one is trying to push their views or force their opinion on you; at least most of us aren’t. All gays and gay supporters want is for two people (not three or four, not a person and a dog) who love one another but happen to be of the same sex, to be allowed to have the ceremony and piece of paper that any straight person can have. You don’t have to see the ceremony. You probably won’t know the couple, I doubt you’d be invited, and you’d decline anyway, as you have the right to do. That couple will never bother you, but you want to deny them that right because somehow, just knowing that they can get married bothers you and that means they shouldn’t be allowed to get married at all.
      Marriage is not the property of Christians. It has existed for centuries in hundreds of counties and within dozens of religions. Christians don’t get to define marriage or who has the right to it any more than Hindu or Inuit do. We can all accept that it is between two people. For tax, property and medical purposes, we can accept that it should be acknowledged by the government. But what we can’t accept is why, in a country founded in religious freedom and that openly has stated that church and state should be divided, ONE religion gets to decide what a marriage is, and who can have one.
      The bottom line is, gay marriage doesn’t affect you. You preventing it, though, affects the gays who want to be married. If God is love, then have a little compassion.

      • CoachBob

        Ellie, you say of marriage, “We can all accept that it is between two people.” Can we? Why? Why two? What’s so special about two? If you take even a cursory look at history you’ll see overwhelmingly more precedent for polgamy than for SSM. And for obvious reasons you’re not going to say “Because the Bible says so”. I’m not a polygamist, but I just want to know your reasoning. Why are you so automatically fine with restricting the number of participants? If three (or more) people really love that unit, and want to make a public, governmentally recognized comitment to it, why shouldn’t they be able to?

      • Becky

        What about the 20 PLUS companies that SUPPORT the Gay and Lesbian community?? Do you think I want my hard earned money spent supporting these organizations? Why don’t we hear about them in the news? Why is the ONLY comany I know of that is against gay and lesbians being singled out?? I call this VERY lopsided indeed. The left is trying to control out every thought and action. If we do not stand up now while we can we will one day be forced to sit down and shut up. I just hope the Lord comes back soon and rescues us from this sodom and gomorrah we call the USA.

        • Gilly

          Becky you must not be paying attention to the boycotts the right have launched at JC Penny’s and Macy’s this year. JC Penny’s commited the ATROCITY at hiring a known lesbian to be their spokesperson! How could they!!! And Macy’s allowed gay couples to actually REGISTER for gifts in their stores! OMG! The world is coming to an end! AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!

          Becky get over yourself and pay more attention.

    • Cindy

      Great message, B! You nailed the whole problem very well.

  • joe

    Bristol do you think the Federal should get involved with banning all things the Bible doesn’t say is okay? Such as premarital sex?

    • James

      I don’t think Bristol has an opinion here because it’s clear to me she doesn’t actually read her bible. She might pick and choose the parts she likes and uses what she can to try and make sure that other families can never have what her family has, but most Christians do that. Nothing new there.
      I’d like to see her opinion on the passage were God orders Saul to murder the entire population of the Amalekites and specifically tells him to make sure he kills all the babies and children too. Or the part where God orders Moses to take a census of the people but tells him not to count the babies that are under one month old(cause they don’t count I guess). Those are passages that Christians don’t want to talk about because it goes against their chosen rationalization for their immoral prejudices against people they don’t like or are afraid of.

      • Felicity

        Jesus said “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another as I love you’.

        Atheists and people like you with an agenda, always spout off about Old Testament atrocities when referring to Christians. Although we have the Old Testament as a basis of our beliefs because it is the written word of God, Jesus gave us new rules to follow. You would do well to read up on the words of Jesus and the principles of Christianity before spewing your vile hatred.

        You do dishonour to your name (which is Christian by the way. James was Jesus’ brother.)

  • Felicity

    Bristol, thank you for standing up and being counted. It means a lot to very many people who may not comment but do appreciate you.

    The hate which comes at you and your family is despicable. I’ve just started my own blog and, from South Africa, I wanted to let you know that support for your Mom and your family is really wide-spread. Here’s the first of my poems about Sarah-Amazing… :) God Bless!

    Here in the beginning stages of my putting my blog together and publishing my thoughts, poems and stories, I bring attention to one of my role models.

    This is one of a series of poems I have written or am writing about Sarah Palin. I can only dream of being a fraction of the person she is.

    Everyone who knows me, knows that I have infinite respect for Sarah Palin and all that she has accomplished in her long career as a true God-fearing public servant. To all intents and purposes she and her family stand alone against the ‘well-oiled’ American political machine, fighting for honour and truth and protection of her beloved American Constitution.

    What is not properly recognised (or if it is, it is quickly suppressed), is the groundswell of public support which this humble reformer has standing with her – not just in America but all over the world – a world which so very desperately needs Sarah Palin and her honesty.

    I pray that God, in his infinite wisdom and might, will cause a 10.3 earthquake of support to get this woman to the White House. It’s absolutely amazing what Sarah has achieved. She’s now a private citizen but each and every word said and gesture made is reported – positively by the online community and new media; and mostly negatively by the old media, which Sarah has dubbed the ‘lamestream’ media.

    A 140 character tweet by Sarah spirals across the world in less time than it takes to say ‘Sarah Palin’. :)

    You can read about Sarah’s latest accomplishments here These are a couple of my favourite Sarah Palin sites. and From these, you can access years and years of Sarah’s accomplishments. What is notable is that these sites are not run or endorsed by Sarah Palin, they are two of the hundreds (probably even thousands) of sites which have been started to follow and praise an exceptional person and get her message out to everyone. Sarah Palin also has a Facebook page with more that three and half million supporters. Here’s the link for that page:

    What a Lady

    (Written from an American perspective for an American Treasure)

    Going Rogue
    An American Life
    Wearing lipstick and rouge
    An American Wife
    Times will be rough
    Will cut like a knife
    Yet here she’ll stand
    Holding Hope
    In her hand

    With fearsome strength
    With ardent principles
    To take back our land
    Our Land of the Brave
    Our Land of the Free
    To uphold the creation
    Of our precious Constitution

    With no thought for her person
    With no concept of treason
    An uncommon Champion
    Of you and me
    A person born to lead
    A nation in despair

    Our Liberty Lady
    Her Justice
    Her Liberty
    Her Freedom for all
    Then passes the baton
    To Sarah Heath Palin

    From coast to coast
    From strength to strength
    Both ladies
    It seems
    Were Heaven sent

    We The People
    Can finally see
    Can finally discern
    How lulled by deceit
    We have been

    No more
    No more
    We’ve arisen at last
    From somnambulant torpor
    To take back our streets

    Silent no more
    We stand
    Silent no more
    And together we band
    Silent no more
    To take back our land

    Going Rogue
    Is our cry too!

  • gary c

    Sarah Palin? What is that twit doing there? I thought she was nude dancing at
    a gentelmens club. But I guess she lost her job as no real men would go to see
    that dumb woman even with her clothes off.

  • The Voice of Reason

    This entire Chik-Fil-A thing is completely ridiculous. You are not defending “traditional family values” by eating fried chicken. You are eating deep fried carcinogen riddled foods. This whole fiasco is doing more to promote the obesity epidemic than “traditional family values.” [Although, considering that as of 2009 63.1% of adults in the U.S. were overweight, you could argue you're promoting at least one "traditional value."]

  • Joejoe_no1

    Its not open on Sunday because of its VALUES. They are on point. You are pretending.

  • Kellen

    Ugh, pass. I worked at a CFA for two years, and now all their food tastes like my sweat, tears, and anti-depressant medications. And Wendy’s has way better fries.