Guess Who Was Spotted at Chick-fil-A?

If you support Chick-fil-A’s stance on traditional values, please show it by stopping by and eating some waffle fries this weekend!

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  • JackOfClubs

    While I respect the political push-back that is going on here, let’s not forget the primary reason we should eat at Chik-fil-A: They make the best chicken sandwiches! The political furor will be over soon, but the sandwiches will still be the best long after long after the current crowd of bozos have found another cause.

  • Andy Sandoval

    Your mom and dad said not one mean thing about Anybody and look at all the hate people pile on them. Those people are mean and hateful.

    • joe

      Really? Nothing mean about anybody? You might want to study up on that.

      • love your neighbor


    • GrizzlyMom2

      Andy her mother was on Fox last night defending Dan Cathy’s First Amendment rights and how his business is being harmed. Funny that Greta didn’t ask her why she didn’t speak out when conservative groups boycotted JC Penny’s for hiring Ellen. Doesn’t she care about JC Penny’s and Ellens First Amendment Rights? Does free speech just only work for her side? If she truly loves the constitution as much as she does you would think that any the NUMEROUS boycotts by the right over the last couple of decades Sarah Palin would have at least spoken up once! I wonder why Fair and Balanced Fox didn’t point any of that out?

  • Drew

    I feel sorry for you and your parents Bristol. You’re no different than the man who was screaming at you at the bull riding event.
    It’s really sad that your family is so full of hate for others that you would be proud of treating other people as though they were less human than you are.
    The saddest thing is I voted for your mom in the last election but unfortunately most of what the “lame stream media” has said about her is true.

    • millie

      Did you hit your head on something and got a concussion? Do you have a high fever and delirious?
      Are they not suppose to stand up for themselves sometimes to all of this garbage that the left wing
      liberals spew. It blows my mind that people can spew untruthful things about people and hate
      so much they have to destroy others.

      Bristol keep on doing like you are doing and don’t get caught up in the nagative stuff.

  • Southern Man

    I’m so excited!!!! Tomorrow is the big day! I’m eating at Chic-Fil-A 3 times tomorrow. More money to show support for anti-gay lifestyles. I hope I run into a couple of them who are threatening to have a kissing protest. Watch out! I am 6’1″ and weigh 425 pounds. I am a good old boy from the south, who doesn’t take kindly to seeing that revolting business. Keep your disgusting sex lives in the closet. God brought aids for a reason. Thanks to the lovely Godly Bristol and Sarah for supporting the good people at Chic-Fil-A

    • K

      Seriously? Please reconsider — WWJD?

    • KingRat

      No wonder why you hate the gays, you’re a bitter 425 lbs of lard. If you’re so God following, you won’t have basically stated you’re body mass indicating you would crush them for being who they are. You are disgusting for being what you are and for judging your brothers and sisters this way. I’m not big on religion but I know that your view point is completely hypocrtical, no pun intended. And you’re not perfecf yourself, 425lbs. You do know that you are commiting a sin too by being a glutton.

    • Southern Belle

      Preach it, brother!The Godless Left knows its time has come,no more will their arrogant and wicked tongues mock America’s real First Family,after the true leader of Our Republic is given her due on August 27 there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth for the end of the evil reign of the Kenyan Impostor will be upon them and the Sodomites and Baby killers,and a new era of Wondrous Palin Light will commence.Let’s all do our part to save the Republic,eat at Chik-Fil-A for the Glory of God!I praise Him while standing at line at my local Godly Chik and he smiles down, this I know because I can’t stand up for long periods but at Chik-Fil-A, I all but forget the 327 lbs of God Worshipping flesh that is my Earhtly Vessel.GLORY BE!

  • EE

    People in the USA need to finally realize enough is enough. If gays want the right to their opinion then shouldn’t Christians have the right to theirs? But rather, they only want your opinion IF IT IS THEIR OWN. I am horrified to imagine the world my children will grown up in. LORD JESUS PLEASE RETURN ASAP!!!!!

    • joe

      What are your thoughts on the Dixie Chicks demonstrating their free speech?

  • MiddleRoader

    Good for the Palins for supporting a cause and a company they believe in! I think it’s odd that the company they chose to support gave big money to an organization advocating unwed mothers to give their children up for adoption. But, hey, the freedom to make those choices is the beauty of America!

    • Christ Jesus forever

      Better to give the child up for adoption than kill it with abortion!!

      • MiddleRoader

        My point was, if the Family Research Council, supported by Chick-fil-A, had its druthers, it would have had Bristol give her child to a two-parent household. Just seems like an odd cause for Sarah, Todd and Bristol to support.

  • chump

    I never read about the right boycotting Ben & Jerry’s just because they donate money to Occupy Wall St.
    Huge Palin family fan, keep up the great work!

  • Sarah Love

    Bristol! I’m with you! I think it is ridiculous that you can have freedom of speech unless you’re a Christian. People are knocking chick Fil a for supporting the traditional family. That’s all that was said. They turn that into “chick Fil a hates gays.” Praying for our country and you and your family! God bless.

  • James

    I don’t think your mom understands what first amendment rights means.

    Yes she and others have the right to say whatever they want about gay rights. And those who support gay rights also have the right to say what they want. Like encouraging boycott’s of companies who they feel are discriminating against others. It doesn’t hurt your first amendment rights for others to exercise theirs.

    The First amendment goes both ways Sarah, not just for those who agree with you.

    • MiddleRoader

      Agreed, James. Gov. Palin was interviewed by Greta van Susteren last night and she said that calling for a boycott “has a chilling effect on our 1st Amendment rights.” Wow- it’s been a long time since I studied history in school, but didn’t the Boston Tea Party start out as a boycott? And didn’t Ms. Palin call for Muslims to “refudiate” a mosque at Ground Zero (although, to her credit, I believe she did concede that it was legal to build one there.) Isn’t that basically the same principle as a boycott?
      She also mentioned the right of Mr. Cathy and others “to express their not anti-gay people sentiment, but their support of traditional marriage.” However, the websites of the organizations to which Chick-fil-A donated DO express anti-gay sentiment, and that’s why I personally support the boycott. For me, it’s not about free speech; it’s about their actions, which are completely legal, but which I don’t want to support.
      That said, I (along with many liberals, BTW) do NOT think a Chick-fil-A should be prevented from opening in any city they want, provided it meets all zoning and other requirements. And if local officials do try to do so, Chick-fil-A can sue for discrimination. Boston Mayor Menino has backpedaled (“clarified” in politispeak) on this; he now says he cannot deny permits to the company. Interestingly, Menino’s letter to Chick-fil-A notes that the proposed location is across from City Hall, where gay couples were married after same-sex marriage became legal in Mass. Make of that what you will.

      • Diggertoo

        What former Gov. Palin doesn’t fully grasp is the fact that protesting Chic-Fil-A for their actions is also an expression of ones first amendment rights. The first amendment allows freedom of speech… But not freedom from the backlash and criticism those views may bring ou in others. Freedom of speech does not exist to protect only those values and beliefs you engender….it exists so that those who have a differing view from yours can express thir beliefs…

        • James

          There are a lot of things Sarah Palin doesn’t fully grasp.
          She is quite self centered and can’t really see past herself evidenced in almost everything she says.
          People like that never open their minds though, they will always be trapped in their small bubbles and never learn anything new.
          Kinda sad really.

  • Capital G

    Don’t forget to eat Chick-fil-A today in support of free speech!

    Don’t let the hate filled heterophobes bully you into being gay!