I Built This: The Video

I asked you for pictures of the businesses you built, and you came through! I was so touched by many of your pictures that we put together a video with some of the best. Try to watch this without being inspired.

There’s so much uncertainty and fear in America today, and President Obama’s message to you was you can’t build – you didn’t build. You responded by saying, I can build, and I did.

Which message is the one we need? Which message will sustain us through tough times?

Watch this video, and you’ll know the answer:

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  • bellagrazi

    Awesome, Bristol! Thank you for sharing!

  • Joseppi

    Although this has nothing to do with what the President thinks or what he said and you are totally misrepresenting that aspect, it is a very good video. It could have come right from the President’s campaign, because that is the message he sends. Great job spreading the President’s message!

    • section9

      Nice try, but it won’t wash.
      But keep spinning. Nobody’s buying, btw.

    • http://EileenS Eileen Steller

      Joseppi, what planet do you live on? The president did indeed say “you didn’t build that” and then he went on to give credit to every government sponsored project and not to the hard working Americans who built this great republic. Henry Ford built the first auto and then years later, the roads were constructed to accomodate them, not the other way around. President Obama has done more to hurt small business owners than any other president in my lifetime. If you personally don’t know a small business owner, take the time to ask one what they think of our presidents’ policies toward them.
      Joseppi, most likely you are on some form of government assistance or live with your parents and enjoy living off the sweat of others and don’t know what it is like to work for a living.

    • Mialei

      Give up – you are so totally clueless – Joseppi – after you build a business – come back and let us know – we won’t expect to hear from you again

    • Agkcrbs

      So, Joseppi, it turns out Obama built this video too, right? Interesting religion you have there, worshipping some politician.

    • http://yahoo.com millie

      You have GOT TO BE KIDDING!!! Do you have the flu and running a high fever. Are you on some
      type of medication that would make you delirious. I am trying hard to figure out why you would
      have said what you did.

      This video represents the best of America. Bristol this is just so moving. I am so glad you did this.
      These fine people are worried and some are having to go out of business. Some that have been in it
      for many years. Some will have to go out business and alot more will if we don’t get this President
      fired. This man cannot go another four years or we will be a bankrupt nations.

    • m.J.

      Joseppi, you need to go back and read what obummer said. He said it quite clearly. It is a great job at spreading his message; he hates hard-working Americans!

  • Emma Lora

    My dad built our farm, He built our house, he built furniture. My brother started his own business. My nephew started his… and I am still inspired by the video of others who worked hard and built with their energy!! God bless each and every one.

  • Robin White

    You realize that participating in disinformation campaigns is another form of lying, right?

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  • Thomas Hubbard

    A bunch of farmers with Muskets stood against a mighty army tyrants and with the Help of Lord were victorious, built a Nation known as the United States of America.

  • samantha

    after watching this video im reminded of the construction company that my dad and his friends built. there was times when it almost fell through because bills weren’t getting paid for the jobs sites they worked on. job sites that were a contract for the government. this company builds state roads, bridges, puts in sewerlines, etc. even when the federal government tried to find everyway not to pay their millions of dollars worth of bills, these small town men made it through. they made sure the company THEY built succeded.

  • CJ

    FABULOUS video Bristol! Needs to be a bit slower though in order to be able to read and view what each person has done :) I paused each screen to view it and it’s wonderful!

  • Mialei

    Anyone else get chills watching great Americans build the American dream? WOW! – if only the “Inside the Beltway” Crowd could get it!!!!! – My folks built two businesses – and there was never any assistance from anyone but great customers! God Bless America!