I Built This: The Video

I asked you for pictures of the businesses you built, and you came through! I was so touched by many of your pictures that we put together a video with some of the best. Try to watch this without being inspired.

There’s so much uncertainty and fear in America today, and President Obama’s message to you was you can’t build – you didn’t build. You responded by saying, I can build, and I did.

Which message is the one we need? Which message will sustain us through tough times?

Watch this video, and you’ll know the answer:

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  • jp

    Dear Mr. President,
    If the government is the source of all job creation and the engine that drives business and the life force that animates businesses and makes them work, then please explain the post office.

  • Steve P.

    Excuse me Mr. President but all roads are built by contractors paid for by the American tax payer,as if you didnt know,Hey you said in your own words if you couldnt get the economy going youi would not run for a secound term, and now you are lying to us ,plz .quit.you have split this nation and you just dont seem to care..!!

  • Susan

    I love this video and think this should be the opener for the Republican Convention!

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  • Donna

    Your video & response is great communication. I would like to see a viseo of all the things that were built before the roads and airstrips were around to get there. Roads were built to get to where the good ideas are.

  • anybodybutbarry

    What a wonderful video, was such a great Idea. Bristol is as Patriotic as her Mom Sarah!
    God Bless America!

  • http://www.LoveBuyingFlorida.com Susan Lamerton

    My husband, daughter and I have worked for 10 years building a real estate company. We work 7 days a week from early in the morning until long after dark. We have lots of daylight in Florida so those are long days. In our spare time we have been able to rally several hundred volunteers to put in a USO at Tampa International Airport which will have the Grand Opening on September 6. We will have two weeks of Open Houses from August 19 thru Septemper 5. The RNC will be in Tampa….if you are flying in for the convention please stop by the first new Chartered USO in 22 years. We are on level 2. Call the USO number at 727-389-3277 and ask for Walter. Support America’s Sons and Daughters as they serve our country. USO is a “Home away from home” for our Active Duty Military and their families. Americans are donating their time and dollars to give back to those that protect our country.

  • Diane

    The idea of autonomy denies that we are born into a world that existed prior to us. It posits an essential aloneness; an autonomous being is free in the sense that a being severed from all others is free. To regard oneself in this way is to betray the natural debts we owe to the world, and commit the moral error of ingratitude. For in fact we are basically dependent beings: one upon another and each on a world that is not of our making.
    Matthew Crawford

    • Mymati

      But the fact that we are all interconnected does not give the government the right, through the force of law to tell us how we should build our lives. This is not a commentary on whether or not we depend on each other it is a commentary on the freedom to reach our dreams without interference from sufficating regulation and government corruption.

  • jackofalltrades

    You do realize that when he said “you didn’t build that”, he meant that literally. If you have a business in an office space or own building, a construction company built that. Unless you helped put up the steel, lay the bricks, run the wiring, the plumbing, etc…you didn’t build that…you paid for its construction. Not a hard concept to grasp.

  • http://timdenchanter.blogspot.com/ Tim D Enchanter

    Just posted this YouTube video to Facebook and Twitter with the following:
    Read Common Sense by Thomas Paine where he explains how government evolves AFTER others suceed

    • http://timdenchanter.blogspot.com/ Tim D Enchanter

      Isn’t it amazing how illiterate some Liberals Elitists are?

      • Peter

        Isn’t it amazing that you couldn’t create a short sentence denigrating liberals supposed lack of literacy without failing? “Liberals Elitists” eh? Aside from the questionable capitalization choice there, we don’t normally apply pluralization to adjectives. FAIL