I Built This: The Video

I asked you for pictures of the businesses you built, and you came through! I was so touched by many of your pictures that we put together a video with some of the best. Try to watch this without being inspired.

There’s so much uncertainty and fear in America today, and President Obama’s message to you was you can’t build – you didn’t build. You responded by saying, I can build, and I did.

Which message is the one we need? Which message will sustain us through tough times?

Watch this video, and you’ll know the answer:

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    I built this.

    With some paint pens sitting on my kitchen table and some left over Christmas ornaments I began doodling. Those doodles, which were of an OSU and a Michigan couple, turned into orders for personalized ones. The orders grew, as did the need for space. I found a location, sought out other artists, crafters, seamstresses whose things would compliment my shop and purchased outright and on consignment their items. Used word of mouth, flyers I made and friends to promote.
    I currently have items from over thirty different LOCAL crafters. Mothers helping their families monetarily out while staying home with children. College students paying tuition. Father’s earning extra money so their kids can play sports.
    We are all contributing to our community and country.
    We are all struggling to make it work.


  • a normal person

    Blah blah blah. It’s a good thing seeing small businesses start, continue, and thrive. All the other rhetoric spewed and the hate towards a democrat president is sad and shows your true colors. You can blame the president all you want for your problems. In the end, whoever is the president doesn’t care about you or your ability to keep a roof over your head or food on your table.

    You really think that Sarah Palin gives a crap about you? She is just as greedy as any current or former politician. We can see how great of a role model she is. She quits a position she was elected to more than once. She grabs attention by putting down the president who is trying to pass laws and get universal healthcare, even if it’s just a watered down version. Also we can’t forget how the billionaire republican can relate to your average American. Because he with millions or billions of dollars, several homes, and staff to take care of those homes, knows how it is to struggle paycheck to paycheck.

    You are idiots to believe any of these politicians have your best interest at heart. I for one would not want to vote for someone who believes in magic underwear…..

    • anonymous

      I’m sorry that so many of you liberal’s are blinded to the TRUTH by your political world view.

    • A Friend

      I am so sorry that A normal person says is so blinded by the destruction in this world that we live in that he is unable to see Truth. Take a look all around you, there is beauty in this world created by a loving God who loved you so much that He chose to offer you a way to heaven and that is through Jesus Christ His Son. Give up all your hatred and bitterness and find Him, before it is too late.
      Blessings to you this day.

  • http://google Frank E. Vincent

    The fact is that President Obama was never a tenured professor of law as he claimed. He was a lecturer expounding his views and ideas concerning the Constitution, he has indicated he does not accept America’s values of the U.S. Constitution and we should give him a real break and vote him out at the next election. Then he will have time to go home to Kenya and visit his paternal relatives.
    Frank E. Vincent

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  • http://www.patricksworldusa.blogspot.com/ ReaganTMan

    Awesome video!
    When we stand up for what we believe it and dream about where we want to freely go, people will join us. When the government decides what it wants us to do, we end up on food stamps and living in housing projects. These “great minds” who supposedly run our country from the top down aren’t doing so well right now. Why not give us a try. After all, we are “We the People.” After all, “we are Americans.”

  • anonymous

    Excellent video!

  • http://www.BodybyVIGirl.biz Gail

    I am building a Business with the ViSalus, Body by V 90 Day Challenge … and we are FIGHTING OBESITY in the USA! I am currently in a Challenge Showdown Contest … and getting healthy and losing the weight! ONLY in AMERICA would a Company like ViSalus do so much for those little people that need more money and want to get healthy and share this with others be so Dedicated to helping us succeed! By the Grace of God 3 young men started and continued this Business… I am so Proud to be part of it.

    • http://www.healthy4yourbod.net Cathy

      I am a breast cancer survivor (2 years). I did not know that OBESITY could lead to breast cancer, but after going through all I have, I looked into how to help preventing in and there are so many articles on how cancer loves estragen, and extra estragen is produced when a person is overweight. So I have started a ministry “How well are you taking care of your Temple” trying to get the word out and I have a business to help other lose weight. Good luck with your business! Get the word out about the cancer issue.