I Built This: The Video

I asked you for pictures of the businesses you built, and you came through! I was so touched by many of your pictures that we put together a video with some of the best. Try to watch this without being inspired.

There’s so much uncertainty and fear in America today, and President Obama’s message to you was you can’t build – you didn’t build. You responded by saying, I can build, and I did.

Which message is the one we need? Which message will sustain us through tough times?

Watch this video, and you’ll know the answer:

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  • Cyndi

    This is fantastic, add more and let’s send it to Mr President and then ask him what he’s built lately

  • K

    Please take the high road on this one. People look up to you, Bristol. Everyone who saw the president’s full speech knows that this was a sound bite that was taken out of context. Just as Gov. Romney’s comment about “I like to fire people” was a sound bite that was unfairly taken out of context. Speak truth in all circumstances — that’s the message will sustain us through tough times.

    • laura

      K, this was not taken out of context. In fact the more you hear the worse it is. Please watch for yourself, the video of the speech is not hard to find. You can no way twist the words. That is what makes this so great, we can see the real Obama with this speech, it is his real thoughts without the teleprompter. Watch it over and over if you like. It is what it is. This president believes anything great comes from government, that is why he thinks the government should control everything. It is not just a fumble of words, but an ideology of the President right in our faces.

      • ScoJo

        Laura, what are you blathering about? Teleprompters? Grammatical errors? There’s nothing wrong with saying teachers, communities and fellow businesspeople help any business. Do you really think you do everything on your own? You don’t even comment on the internet on your own, you’re typing on a computer that you did not build…

        Do you think other businesses, teachers and communities are all “government” creations? That’s silly.

      • K

        Hi Laura, I’m sorry for the delayed response (very busy with work & family, as we all are!) I watched the video in its entirety before I ever made the initial post, of course. I agree with you — it is what it is and the words needed no twisting. However, I didn’t “see” his thoughts; and neither did you (no offense intended). What I heard was a president saying “WE” build this, which ironically was the same message that I read on the wall at our recent Republican Convention. We are fortunate to live in a country where “WE, the people” are interdependent — e pluribus unum — but with limitless opportunities for individual achievement. We’re not victims of a controlling government — check out Syria, for one. I thank God to be in the USA and for the government we have, because when it’s not working we can vote to change it! My post to Bristol was only meant to call attention to the fact that she is a beautiful, intelligent young woman who has an opportunity to emphasize the common ground that brings Americans together — people listen to her, she’s a role model for many. I heard “We Build This” from both republicans & the president — that’s a positive American message. All the best to you & yours, Laura. K

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    • Jordan Welbourne

      No, it wasn’t taken out of context as a sound bite. Did you actually read the full transcript of what he said? Finishing up with “the point is when we work together great things happen” (or whatever he said) doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s belittling small business owners. Sometimes it’s not about working together. Sometimes it’s not about cooperation. Sometimes it’s about doing things on your own. Obama’s speech was nothing more than an attempt to convince people that they can’t do anything without the government’s help. Funny, since it’s perfectly aligned with his socialist agenda, don’t you think?

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  • http://www.looksbytonirachelle.com Toni

    Love the “I Built This, Mr. President” video. Only wish I had shared a photo of my business. I listened/watched President Obama’s speech in it’s entirety. Only people who have actually built their own business can really appreciate the egregiouness of our President’s comments. Yes, I do drive on the roads. I am also part of the 50% in this country who pay taxes.

    • ScoJo

      Toni, if I may burst your bubble, more than 100% of this country pays taxes. Any human being who’s ever bought anything in this country, be they citizens, aliens or tourists, pays taxes.

      It’s not “egregious” to say to humanity that we all need to work together. It’s foolish to think that you can do anything alone. Unless you’re supplying your own utilities, building homes and cars from scratch, farming all your own food and homeschooling yourself, you must understand that “building your own business” isn’t something you do alone. It’s an insult to your friends, your teachers, customers and all the other businesspeople you work with to think so selfishly. Without your friends, neighbors, congregations, other businesses, customers, congregations…what do you have? You’ve got to be a part of the whole human family.

      Ecclesiasties says “two is better than one”, Proverbs says “one tool sharpens another” Romans has a whole long bit about how we all have different talents and need to work together to accomplish anything.

  • ScoJo

    These are great businesses, but did your husbands mine the iron ore out of the ground and turn it into steel to build the truck vital to running the business? Did your husband build the roads to get to the houses to fix their air conditioner? I notice these businesses have phone numbers. Could they survive without phone lines? Did these business owners create the phone lines? The electricity? The water? The tools? Nope.

    Let’s not be smug here folks. To quote High School Musical – or any church – “We’re all in this together”. Any reasonable person not clouded by a political ideology can see that.

    Palin gave money from oil profits to the people of Alaska. A corporation giving money to the greater good of the people of their home state, why? Because the oil company couldn’ta done it without the people of Alaska. Yeah.