Support Chick-Fil-A: Great Chicken, Great Values

Don’t let liberals get away with saying they’re for “diversity.” They only want people to be different on the outside – like different hair, skin, and eye color.  But what about being different on the inside?  Well, that’s where they draw the line.

The latest example of this is when the president of Chick-fil-A, Dan Cathy, answered a question in an interview with Baptist Press.  He said their company is “very much supportive of the family… the biblical definition of the family unit.”

During an interview on “The Ken Coleman Show,” he explained his position further:

“I think we are inviting God’s judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at him and say, ‘We know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage.’ “

Do you think liberals celebrated Cathy’s beliefs, which add a little diversity to the conversation about gay marriage?  After all, many companies are trying to make gay marriage mainstream.  (For example, Office Depot’s decision to partner with Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation.)  So, did liberals embrace Chick-fil-A, as a mark of their tolerance and diversity?

Um, not so much.

Hollywood actors said they wouldn’t eat there anymore, Facebook lit up with protest, and the mayor of Boston said he wouldn’t let any more Chick-fil-A restaurants into his city.

Why?  Because the company’s president believes what most Americans believe: that marriage should be between a man and a woman.

So, help me understand this, liberals. Are you for true and difficult diversity – diversity of opinion, religion, and beliefs?  The kind of diversity that requires talking to each other about our differences of opinion and ideas? Or just the easy kind of diversity that makes for cool advertisements?

Either way, I appreciate Chick-fil-A and will make it a point to stop at the next one I see. I don’t think there are any in Alaska, but I urge all people who believe in traditional marriage to “eat more chikn.”

Fan Chick-fil-A on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and eat at their restaurants.  There’s not a more delicious way to show support of traditional values! (Also, “The Anchoress” Elizabeth Scalia writes about this issue very convincingly.  Scroll down to watch the video at the bottom!!)

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  • Yvonne DeHoyos

    Well said Ms. Palin, well said.

  • Michael Mills

    I absolutely love Chik-Fil-A. I will continue to eat there and support them. I appreciate what they are doing.

  • SueB

    Right on!!! I’ve only eaten there once (there aren’t any where I live) but it was the best fast-food chicken sandwich I’ve ever had. I support the CEO standing up for his beliefs.

  • Lydia Bhaskarla

    AMEN BRISTOL!!!! Very Very very well said!!!!!

  • Andrew L.

    Love the picture! I made sure to grab some Chikin for lunch today. It was deliciously sacrilegious of the leftist doctrine and scrumptiously irreverent towards the government bullies.

  • BrushClearer

    Baloney Bristol. This has nothing to do with liberals not celebrating diversity and EVERYTHING to do with CIVIL RIGHTS! Conservatives like you have tried to make this a RELIGIOUS issue. It is not. The head of Chick-Fil-A has been donating money to groups who label gay people as child molesters and blame gay people for natural disasters and more recently even the tragedy in Colorado. So we are BOYCOTTING Chick-Fil-A. No different than conservative christians boycotting Home Depot or Target or JC Penny’s for hiring Ellen as their spokeperson. Where were you posts condemning christians for those boycotts? Why don’t you stop speaking out of both sides of your mouth and open your eyes a little bit.

    • idesign

      Hey Sparky, have any links for all your BS, or are you just blowing out your butt?

  • Kirstin

    Well said, Bristol! I will definatley be “eatin’ more chikn.”

  • me here

    Delicious chicken.

  • BrushClearer

    Bristol here are some tweets from the Southwest Tea Party. Considering how you don’t like the comments that have been made to you I am sure you will address these and quickly condemn them:

    “faggot marriage will lead to the destruction of our society and only one company is brave enough to realize that”

    “thats what happen when you let fag scum ruin our country. Our country was based on judeo-christian values not sodomy”

    “Good time to support profamily chickfila for standing up to sodomy based faggot marriage”.

  • BrushClearer

    Somebody needs to explain to Chick-Fil-A that LYING is one of the 10 Commandments. Yesterday several of their restaurants posted notices that their Muppets Toys were being discontinued because of complaints that children could get hurt. The real story was that the Henson family pulled their merchandise from Chick Fil A because of their comments concerning gay rights. Why would a Christian company like Chick Fil A LIE about another company. That doesn’t sound very Christian. I hope they get sued for slandering the Muppets brand. Bristol please post that you agree they are being dishonest and thats against Christian beliefs. They should have simply stated that the toys are no longer available and not LIED about it. Shame on Chick Fil A!