On Second Thought, Episode 14 “Raider and a Ring”

Trust me, it’s crazy to see your life on television. That’s why every week, I’m going to do a blog posts called “On Second Thought.” These posts are where I will go over the episodes of my Lifetime show as I process the issues presented now that I’ve seen them aired.  I hope you’ll join me for these weekly posts – which will undoubtedly be part-confession, part-explanation, and part-celebration of my life right now!

Episode Fourteen, Air Date: July 31, 2012

I’m thankful Gino takes Tripp fishing, because nature is a big part of every Alaskan’s life!

Have you ever seen a cuter dog?  I bought Gino that sweet Newfoundland, because hoped it would give him a tiny taste of what it’s like to have a baby! After all, if we did get married and have kids, it would be hard work.

It turned out to be a great gift, because Gino loved him!  Of course, we immediately disagreed on a name.  That’s when I brought the question to you guys! (At the end of the episode, we reveal what you already know – we settled on Riot. At least for a bit.  Would you believe Gino changed his name back to Raider!?)

So how many of you have gone bear baiting?  This is a legal way to hunt bears in Alaska.  You set up a station with old food – whatever you have around the house works – and it brings the bears to you.  This time, of course, it brought Gino and me together!  When Gino gave me that promise ring, I was really excited.  Not that you could tell. It’s important to be quiet when you’re hunting, so it cracked me up that the entire exchange was in hushed tones.  Gino said the ring was symbol that he’d be “faithful and loyal and loving” and that we might one day get married.

Stay tuned to see if that actually happens.  I’ll be happy to find out if that happens as well.  However, the promise ring created one of the best lines of the season:

“I love you.  Okay, now let’s shoot a bear.”

Thanks for coming along with me during this adventure of “Life’s a Tripp.”  It was a wonderful way to let all of you into my life in a fun way.

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  • Sarah

    I loved this episode, and I loved the line you quotes about shooting the bear! Was that episode the last one for this season, and has the show been picked up for a second go around? I hope so; I really enjoyed watching!

  • Carol

    You are young strong woman. Gino and you need to work as a team….respect….trust…humility….love…Gino needs to respect you as a woman…love you unconditionally….trust you always…and have humility in life. I hope it works out the way God has planned for you………..Now we need to talk girl stuff…your hair…What styling products do you use to smooth your hair out like that?? You should do a youtube video styling your hair and what products you use….just saying.

  • Burton

    Jellybean must be really jealous of Bristol! That’s why she has to keep commenting on Bristol’s Blog!! O.k. Jellybean, comment now and try to deny that you are jealous of her! LOL!!!

    P.S. Plus, you have NO CLUE on why hunting is done in the first place!!

  • Esther

    I thought I was the only one that tells my boyfriend about having a good career in order to buy all these crazy things that men want. LOL. I personally don’t believe in promise rings. I don’t think you need a promise ring to know that he will be faithful, loving and caring. Its simply just a waste of money. I think the dog is perfect for you guys. Other than Tripp, “Raider” is the first real thing that both of you have together. It ties you both together in a SERIOUS relationship. When my boyfriend wanted a dog, I finally gave in and we adopted our dog, it felt like our relationship took that next step. I hope “Raider” has opened up Gino’s eyes on having responsibility, guys need that at their age. Don’t rush yourselves into marriage, have a fun and beautiful relationship. Be young as well as responsible adults. At this age and in this society that we live in, where the real idea of marriage has been thrown out the window, you both want to be as mature as possible when that time comes. All couples fight, have disagreements, and have issues that can possibly take the people to a breaking point; however, communicating, forgiving, and having faith(which you have a lot of that) can help you both move past ANYTHING. I think Willow is still too young to see that, which is probably why she see’s things the way she does, and thats okay because she will figure it out. I hope you and Gino create new and wonderful opportunities for yourselves and your little family of four. :)

  • Patsy Carlisle

    I hate this was the last episode. I sure hope all is well with you and Geno. Please learn to say You love Geno and not just that he is so good with Tripp. I wish you nothing but the best.

  • Mark Miller

    I hope you don’t think this comment cruel, or that I’m asking impertinent questions, since that’s not my intent. A TV show can’t capture everything that’s happened. We’re only getting a brief window into your life. From watching what we were given, though, in this episode, I could not shake this feeling that you and Gino were “playing house,” playing at having a relationship. I know you say you love him, but I just can’t see it between you two. I don’t get a sense of your connection to each other. I kept hearing you say that you felt Gino was good for Tripp. That may be so, but Gino has to be good for YOU, too! Don’t leave yourself out of it. If you’re pursuing marriage, that’s a *lifetime* commitment–as in the rest of your life. As I heard someone else say recently, think on this: You are going to be seeing A LOT of each other…for decades! That’s the idea. Make SURE you’re picking the right person for YOU, not just for Tripp. A successful marriage can only work if it works for BOTH OF YOU–you and Tripp, that is.

    I have to say, though, as quirky as it was, Gino was at his most romantic (that I’ve seen) giving you that promise ring when you were out bear hunting. :) I do think, just from what I can see, that he really feels something special for you. The question that’s on my mind, though, is if you feel the same for him. From his reaction, after he gave you the ring, I’m wondering if he has the same question. He seemed to expect that maybe you’d be excited, that you’d gush uncontrollably at the notion of being his significant other. He seemed a bit surprised that you didn’t seem overjoyed.

    I have some pointed questions for you, and again, I don’t mean to be impertinent. Are you sure deep down inside that you just don’t want to be alone, and are just looking for a father for Tripp? What about a husband for you?

    I know I’m a total stranger asking these deep, penetrating questions, but…I guess I’ve grown to care about your welfare a bit from afar. Watching reality shows can do that to me.

    Wishing you and Tripp the best

  • Ryan

    Loved it Bristol!! i am going to miss your show so much!!! im all for having a season two!! i was just reading something about how levi wants custody of Tripp..DONT LET HIM..levi is horrible..let gino be the “dad” love you bristol! loved the show!

  • Judy

    I wish you would do more episodes or videos online! I loved seeing your life. Your just a really awesome young woman. You better make sure Gino never forgets that! I hope you write another book and maybe a kids book too one day. I love what you have to say and am glad your someone a young teen like me can look up to in such a messed up world at times. :) <3 LOVE YA! GOD BLESS YA! KEEP ME POSTED ON ALL THINGS BRISTOL. You really are GREAT! ;)

  • http://www.restorationamerica2012.org Melissa Ortiz (@DCBelleonWheels)

    Congrats on the promise ring…and the Newfy! Gino seems great, too. :) Anyway, I’ve been owned by two Newfs in my life and they are the best dogs ever! Enjoy!!

  • Megan M

    Loved your show, I am going to miss being able to see the Palin’s life on a daily basis! Stay in touch on the blog with photos and updates about what you are doing now please