Circumincession: 50 Cent Trinitarian Word

Image by Philip Barrington [Pixabay / CC0 public domain] *** (6-7-08) *** Circumincession in Latin and perichoresis in Greek is the doctrine describing how all three Persons in the Trinity are contained in each other.  Theologian Ludwig Ott, in his Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma, has a lot to say on this:In God all is one except for the opposition of relations. (De Fide).From the doctrine of the Divine Relations there flows the so-called basic trinitarian law, which was first … [Read more...]

Prayer to Jesus in the New Testament

Martyrdom of St Stephen (1560s), by Giorgio Vasari (1511-1574) [public domain / Wikimedia Commons] *** (6-7-08; new introduction on 8-22-16) *** I ran across a person in one of my Facebook groups that denied the practices that I will soon show are perfectly biblical. He thought one could only pray to God the Father. And it makes sense within his own heretical views, because He went on to deny that Jesus and the Holy Spirit were God; i.e., he denied the Holy Trinity. ***[all verses … [Read more...]

Uma rápida refutação do “Sola Scriptura” em dez passos

[Portugese translation of A Quick Ten-Step Refutation of Sola Scriptura, by Fábio Salgado de Carvalho][public domain / Pixabay] *** 1. O "Sola Scriptura" não é ensinado na BíbliaOs católicos concordam com os protestantes que a Escritura é um "padrão para a verdade" --- até mesmo o mais preeminente ---, mas não em um sentido de que ela exclua a autoridade de uma autêntica Tradição e de uma Igreja. A Bíblia não ensina isso. Os católicos concordam que a Escritura é suficiente materialmente … [Read more...]

“Mother of God” = Greater than God?

The Annunciation (1444), by Barthélemy d'Eyck (fl. 1444-1469) [public domain / Wikimedia Commons] *** (8-31-06) *** This is my own original draft for a chapter that was to appear in my book, The One-Minute Apologist (2007). It's very different from the final draft, so that it amounts to an alternate approach to arguing the Catholic position. *****MARY * Calling Mary "Mother of God" makes her greater than God How can someone be greater or older than God? It makes no sen … [Read more...]

Mary’s Knowledge About Jesus’ Divinity

The Annunciation (c. 1440), by the workshop of Rogier van der Weyden (c. 1400 - 1464) [public domain / Wikimedia Commons] ***** (2000 and 8 January 2002, re-edited on 8-19-16) *** How much did the Blessed Virgin Mary know about Jesus? The Catholic Church teaches that the Holy Spirit revealed to Mary the knowledge of the divinity of Christ and His incarnation, from the beginning of the Annunciation: when the angel Gabriel informed her. Mary's knowledge of Christ's divinity from that time on is … [Read more...]

On Trump & the “Supreme” Pro-Life Cause

The United States Supreme Court [public domain / Wikimedia Commons] *** [various thoughts of mine on various threads] *** You're in Ohio, the ultimate battleground state (with Florida). If it's very close there and Trump loses, and you don't vote, then you and others like you there will have played a key role in getting Hillary elected. She would not have been able to win without you, if that happens. You can rationalize that that is not the case all day long but that is the reality of it. … [Read more...]

Are All Bible Books Self-Evidently Inspired?

This is an excerpt from my book, The One-Minute Apologist (Sophia Institute Press, 2007). It's my own initial draft, and so is slightly different from the book.* * * * *(6-19-06)***BIBLE AND TRADITION***We know which books are inspired and belong in the Bible by reading them Biblical books are self-attesting, so no church is needed to determine the biblical canonInitial reply There are indeed several internal biblical evidences of inspiration and canonicity, yet … [Read more...]

“Tradition” Isn’t a Dirty Word

The Pharisees Question Jesus (1886-1894), by James Tissot (1836-1902) [public domain / Wikimedia Commons] ***** (late 90s; rev. 8-16-16) ***** Many Protestants (especially anti-Catholic ones) hold, by and large, the view that Scripture and sacred, apostolic tradition are somehow unalterably opposed to each other and, for all practical purposes, mutually exclusive. This is yet another example of a false dichotomy which Protestantism often (unfortunately) tends to create (e.g., faith vs. wo … [Read more...]

Mary’s Assumption & Historic Protestantism

Assumption of the Virgin (1526-1529), by Andrea del Sarto (1486-1530) [public domain / Wikimedia Commons]***(6-30-08)*** I've documented in the past that both Catholic and Protestant (including Lutheran) historians and Luther scholars accept the fact that Luther believed in the Assumption, at least in his early days, if not later. Catholic writer Thomas A. O'Meara, O. P., presents the confusing evidence about Luther (claiming he did accept this doctrine early on): In 1522 Luther … [Read more...]

Jonah Was a Real Person!

Jonah Spat Up by the Whale (c. 1582), by Johannes Sadeler I (1550 -c. 1600) [public domain / Wikimedia Commons] *** [6-27-08] *** Regarding Jonah, the straightforward sense would seem to be that he was an actual historical person, as were all the prophets. The book about him, after all, is included in the prophetic writings in both the Christian and Jewish Bibles. We don't deny that any of the other prophets (to my knowledge) were actual persons; why should Jonah be any different, … [Read more...]