Presidential Poll Reversals / Likely Voters

Original title: "Past Presidential Polls Mid-Race and Contrary Outcome in November"John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon taken prior to their first debate at WBBM-TV in Chicago: 26 September 1960 (Asociated Press) [public domain / Wikimedia Commons]***** [I originally posted this about a month ago (6-24-16) on my Facebook page. Presently I will simply add some recent polling indications for the general election and battleground states that show Trump now even or ahead]  *** 1960 August / S … [Read more...]

Catholic “Trump Wars” & Civil Discourse

Photograph from [CC0 license; free for any use with no attribution]*****[the initial impetus for this article came from learning about a friend who opposes Trump, who expressed that she had been deeply hurt by friends]There is plenty of vitriol on both sides. No one has a monopoly on it. We need to condemn harsh rhetoric and gratuitous insults wherever it comes from. I will vote for Trump, not because he is a canonized saint, but because he is (according to my best l … [Read more...]

The Real & the Imaginary Pope Francis

Venice carnival masks (February 2008. Photo by "Dagoos" [Wikimedia Commons /  Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license]*** As any conscious person who follows Catholic affairs at all, knows, there seems to be a constant uproar and “buzz” about this, that, or the other thing that the Holy Father said. One of my friends claimed that Pope Francis' shortcomings were the cause, and asked my opinion about it. The following was my reply (expanded for this article): 1) I think ( … [Read more...]

Ratzinger: Avoid Criticizing Church in “Mass Media”

Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (the future Pope Benedict XVI) on 12 May 2001. Photograph by Manfredo Ferrari [Wikimedia Commons / Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license] ***** Four days ago, I produced a post entitled, "'Confusing' Pope Francis & Prudent Public Discussion." In it, I summarized my position in the following words:Even if our objections are perfectly legitimate and worthy of attention and concern, it’s another question entirely, whether they ought … [Read more...]

Bathroom Laws Redux (Dialogue w Atheist)

Image by OpenClipArtVectors [Pixabay / CC0 public domain] *** This exchange occurred in the combox of my post, My Supposed “Conflation” of LGBTQ Rights & Pedophilia. See also the earlier related post, Bathroom Insanity, “Gay Marriage”, Abortion, & Legal Coercion. The words of TheAgnosticAtheist will be in blue. *** Hello again Dave, I saw one of the points you made and thought that I might point something out. Due to previous complications, I'll make this as clear as I can as to avoid … [Read more...]

Absence of a Mother or Father Harms Children

Image by George Hodan [] *** This exchange with an atheist took place in one of my blog comboxes. The words of Humanist_Activist will be in blue. *** Thanks for your articulate input [on another issue] . Not much here that I haven't already addressed. It just goes round and round. But at least you haven't called me a bigot. :-) That's refreshing.Interesting that you didn't address the inaccuracies you continue to post about transgenderism. I looked at your … [Read more...]

“Confusing” Pope Francis & Prudent Public Discussion

Pope Francis in St. Peter's Square, 12 May 2013. Photo by Edgar Jiménez [Wikimedia Commons /  Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license]*** [someone asked me about this, and I answered; and add many more thoughts presently] I think Pope Francis says confusing things sometimes (and too many times), yes. "Germanic" Pope Benedict-like or Aquinas-like articulation and concision is not his high suit. He has other gifts (ones also sorely needed in the Chur … [Read more...]

Apologética católica: Traducciones al español / tradução para português

[Catholic Apologetics from Dave Armstrong: Spanish and Portugese Translations]Santa Teresa de Ávila (1515-1582): gran místico y doctor de la Iglesia. Pintura de Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640) [dominio público / Wikimedia Commons] *** [asterisked papers (*) indicate links to other sites. As time goes on, I hope to transfer all of these papers onto my own blog] [documentos marcados con asterisco (*) indican los enlaces a otros sitios. A medida que pasa el tiempo, espero poder transferir to … [Read more...]

50 preuves de la primauté de Pierre dans le NT

[50 New Testament Proofs for Petrine Primacy & the Papacy: in French]Detail of Christ Handing the Keys to St. Peter (1481-82) by Pietro Perugino (1448-1523) [public domain / Wikimedia Commons] ***** Cette écriture de la mine de 1994 a été traduit en 2008 par Benoit Meyrieux, qui vient cette semaine a obtenu une maîtrise en théologie de l'Université franciscaine de Steubenville. Il a également obtenu un baccalauréat canonique en philosophie et d'un baccalauréat en études religieuses. Ben … [Read more...]

My Supposed “Conflation” of LGBTQ Rights & Pedophilia

The Usual [Sad] "Discussion" with "Angry"-Type LGBTQ Activists . . . Photo by Victor Gregory (11-9-07) [Flickr / CC BY 2.0 license] ***** I wrote a critique of the article, "Orlando," by a transgender LGBT activist, Callie Wright. Mine was entitled, "Orlando, “Homophobia”, Terrorism, & Slander." Callie tried to make the case that Christian right-wing homophobes were the cause behind the Orlando massacre, if not directly, then by fairly close secondary causation. I opposed that, and made … [Read more...]