Sacramentarian Controversies (Calvin vs. Luther vs. Zwingli)

(3-29-04) *** This is an “outtake” from my 2004 book: The Catholic Verses. It was too historical, and the emphasis of the book is biblical (“the editor hath spoken!”). But this is interesting historical information, I think (at least for a history buff / nut like me), so I saved it for “blog consumption”: * * * * * Martin Luther’s eucharistic theology was much closer to Catholic than to Calvinist or Reformed theology (or the purely symbolic conception, which took it… Read more

Is Pope Francis Wrong? Thoughts on the “Filial Correction”

My position has not changed in the last nine months. On 1 December 2016 I wrote a post entitled, “Pope Francis: Please Answer Cardinal Burke Et Al.”  My reasoning was fairly simple and straightforward. Summarized, it was as follows: 1. “This is a big reason why we have the pope in the Church: to give the ‘final say’ at times, when it is sorely needed. 2. It’s always better to clarify than not to, in instances of confusion (a well-known phenomenon… Read more

Martin Luther Condemns Masturbation (“Secret Sin”)

  (6-2-10) *** The fashionable zeitgeist now present in Protestantism (especially, but not exclusively, of the liberal variety), is to increasingly sanction divorce, cohabitation, homosexual acts, abortion, contraception, and masturbation. The latter was surprisingly condoned even by the usually traditional moralist and family advocate Dr. James Dobson, and, with extraordinarily ridiculous and scandalous argumentation, by anti-Catholic Reformed apologist Steve Hays, who wrote (almost as if he were a thoroughly secularized regular columnist for Planned Parenthood): I don’t think that Christians should go… Read more

On Feminine Metaphors, Pronouns, & Attributes of God

This is a discussion that took place on Scott Eric Alt’s Facebook page (public post). Henry Karlson’s words will be in blue, Sam Urfer’s in green; that of all others in brown. My words are in regular black. ***** [Rebecca Bratten Weiss; henceforth “RBW”] I was attacked for referring to the HS as “she.” These folks are ignorant of tradition. Of course they are. [Laura Grantham Broussard: LGB] Are they really this stupid? I thought these people obsessed over Classical Education? Hagia… Read more

“Absurd” Protestant Divisions: Calvin’s Revealing Lament to Melanchthon

*** (2-6-06) *** Letter of John Calvin (1509-1564): the second most important leader of the Protestant Revolt or so-called “Reformation” to Philip Melanchthon (1497-1560): Protestant founder Martin Luther’s right-hand man and successor; dated 28 November 1552: But it greatly concerns us to cherish faithfully and constantly to the end the friendship which God has sanctified by the authority of his own name, seeing that herein is involved either great advantage or great loss even to the whole Church. For you… Read more

Dialogue on Rebecca Bratten Weiss’ Teaching on Sexuality

I have written three articles on the controversy swirling around Rebecca Bratten Weiss, and her dismissal as an adjunct professor from Franciscan University of Steubenville (for supposedly not being “pro-life enough”). Today, I talked about something a little different. It was said that she denied Church doctrine, and I repeatedly pressed her critic and it moved into this subject matter. I was in my full “socratic method” mode. We seemed to have accomplished at least a little mutual understanding and constructive… Read more

Conniving Dirt-Gatherers & Gossips vs. Rebecca Bratten Weiss

I wrote an initial defense of “leftist” pro-lifer and English professor Rebecca Bratten Weiss, taking on the LifeSiteNews hit piece against her. Then I wrote a second, pondering seemingly unsavory (and related?) aspects of her dismissal as an adjunct professor from Franciscan University of Steubenville. I reiterate again that it’s not my intent at all to bash the entire university. Rebecca herself didn’t even do that on a podcast yesterday. I’m a huge fan of it. We don’t know enough… Read more

Pope St. Leo the Great (r. 440-461) and Papal Supremacy

Pope St. Leo the Great, who reigned from 440 to 461, considered by many Protestant and secular historians as the first pope, and revered as a saint by the Orthodox, spoke perhaps more clearly than anyone up to that time concerning Roman primacy and papal duties, prerogatives, and supremacy, yet his views were merely the culmination and more advanced development of what had been the essential beliefs of the universal (that is, Catholic) Church from the beginning. All the words… Read more

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