Quiz on Early Protestant / “Reformation” Eucharistic Harmony

Who said this?: 1) It is enough for me that Christ’s blood is present; let it be with the wine as God wills. Before I would drink mere wine with the Enthusiasts, I would rather have pure blood with the Pope. And this?: 2) . . . Zwingli, Karlstadt, Oecolampadius [Protestants] . . . called him a baked God, a God made of bread, a God made of wine, a roasted God, etc. They called us cannibals, blood-drinkers, man-eaters …. Read more

Did God Command Jephthah to Burn His Daughter?

This is an exchange from the Coming Home Network forum, with a Catholic who was troubled by difficult Old Testament “genocide” and “commanded killing” passages. His words will be in blue. * * * * * I am a Catholic who is coming back to his faith, that being said I am having some trouble with certain passages in the Bible where God commands Israel to wipe out all the people of Amalek (essentially Genocide) 1 Sam. 15:2-3. Good question, and… Read more

Dialogue on Development of Doctrine (Esp. the Papacy)

vs. Protestant apologist and anti-Catholic polemicist Jason Engwer The following is a reply to Protestant [anti-Catholic] apologist and polemicist Jason Engwer’s paper, A Response to Roman Catholic Apologist Dave Armstrong Regarding Development of Doctrine. His piece purports to be (I think?) a critique of my paper, “Refutation of William Webster’s Fundamental Misunderstanding of Development of Doctrine.” Mr. Engwer’s words shall be in blue. I have somewhat abridged the original exchange, which was extremely lengthy. *** I. Preliminaries It is unclear whether Mr…. Read more

“Romanists” Killed 100 Million? David T. King & Other Geniuses

“Many historians on both sides have said Rome killed as many as 35 million, others say 1/10th of a billion.” This pathetic exchange took place in the public chat room of the website (Alpha and Omega Ministries) of the prominent anti-Catholic polemicist James White, on 29 June 2000. I think it splendidly illustrates the sad, deluded, bigoted tendencies of many anti-Catholics. When I simply asked for references for the ridiculous historical numerical claims, I was promptly kicked out of the forum… Read more

The Inquisition Killed 4.9 Million? (John Bugay’s Whoppers)

This was drawn from a discussion on the Inquisition (that is, a gross caricature of the real thing) in a combox for the Reformed Protestant Green Baggins website (starting at comment #218). The words of John Bugay: now a regular contributor at the notoriously anti-Catholic and perpetually fact-challenged Boors All blog, will be in blue. *** The same famous Oxford reference work from which Catholic apologists draw your “33,000 denominations” number lists the Roman Catholic Church as among the greatest “persecutors,” nearly 5 million over the… Read more

“Working Out” Salvation & Protestant Soteriology (vs. Ken Temple)

Philippians 2:12b-13 (RSV) . . . work out your own salvation with fear and trembling; for God is at work in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure. My original (non-satirical) comment about the passage in the other paper was: “If someone says that God is mentioned in the second part, the Calvinist ‘monergist’ still has to explain how a human being can participate at all in what only God can do (according go the monergist).” Blessed John Henry Cardinal… Read more

Martin Luther’s Belief in the Perpetual Virginity of Mary

+ Reformed Apologist James Swan’s Belittling Contempt of Luther 1) From: That Jesus Christ Was Born a Jew [1523] from Luther’s Works [“LW”]: Vol. 45, pp. 199, 205-206; translated by Walther I. Brandt: A new lie about me is being circulated. I am supposed to have preached and written that Mary, the mother of God, was not a virgin either before or after the birth of Christ, but that she conceived Christ through Joseph, and had more children after that. [ . …. Read more

Dialogue on Tradition: Good or Bad, How Much?, Etc.

Kim Bishop is a member of the Charismatic Episcopal Church. We have been friends online for many years , and recently engaged in the following (public) dialogue on my Facebook page. The discussion there is a little longer than it is here. I think it brings into focus many basic Catholic-Protestant differences in outlook. Her words will be in blue. *** I have a question for you Dave. During the schisms in the church the leaders got together and decided… Read more

Christmas Trees: Where & When Did They Originate?

Catholic Encyclopedia (“Christmas”, 1908, C. C. Martindale): [T]he tradition that trees and flowers blossomed on this night is first quoted from an Arab geographer of the tenth century, and extended to England. In a thirteenth-century French epic, candles are seen on the flowering tree. . . . the Christmas tree [was] first definitely mentioned in 1605 at Strasburg, and introduced into France and England in 1840 only, by Princess Helena of Mecklenburg and the Prince Consort respectively. “History of Christmas Trees” (History.com): Germany is credited with starting the Christmas tree tradition as we now know it in the 16th century when devout Christians brought decorated trees… Read more

Reply to Pastor Steve Schlissel’s Reflections on “Romanism”

This is my response to Steve Schlissel’s article: “What Thinkest Thou?” (no longer online).  I initially replied: Pastor Schlissel might do even better in his ecumenical maturation process if he would drop the antiquated and baggage-laden terms “Romanism” and “Romanists” (much beloved of anti-Catholics; all we need is “Romish” too) Even James White can agree to that much. I know it is too much to ask to refer to us as simply “Catholics,” but the Anglican-originated “Roman Catholic” would be acceptable (even… Read more

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