Netflix For the Well-Dressed Gentleman

It’ called FreshNeck, and it’s… well, it’s Netflix for ties, pocket squares, and other gentlemen’s accessories. Pay a monthly fee ($15, $35, or $55 depending upon designer/brand), select up to 3 items, and then wait until they arrive in the mail. Keep them as long as you like, and then return them for the next items in your queue. Always have a new tie, and never buy one again.

Why, yes, it is quite silly, but I can’t help but be a bit cheered by the idea, since it indicates resistance to our Culture of Informality, in which grown men dress like teenagers and think nothing of showing up to mass in cutoffs and team jerseys. (Yes, I know I’m horribly judgmental and Jesus wouldn’t care what people wore, he’d just be glad they showed up. But still…)

And let me tell you something: many people in the next generation are already fatigued by their elders’ casual attitude toward dressing. I see a lot of young men in their 20s who put on a jacket and tie for an evening out. (Then again, I sat through a funeral in which two young men in their 20s wore knit caps the whole time. I blame Zak Brown.) I’m no spiffy dresser, but I clean up well enough and know how to put a Windsor in my Snoopy tie.

Watching the first episode of Downton this season, we were amused by the running joke about the men coming to dinner in “play clothes” because the’re wearing a dinner coat and black tie rather than white tie and tails. And let’s not even talk about the damn Irishman.

It’s a slippery slope, people. One day Matthew Crawley doesn’t have his tails…

“I usually only dress like this for slopping hogs.”

and the next … this:

“Chicks totally dig this look, yo.”

Maybe modern gentlemen just need Carson or Jeeves around to glare at them whenever they suggest, say, wearing a white mess jacket to dinner. One stare like this would have killed backwards baseball caps and muscle tees dead:

My daughter has already been told: if you bring home a boy who wears his hat backwards, he will be sent away with a stern lecture and a kick in the ass.

[I'm just doing a few quick tech links today. H/T to Lifehacker for this one.]

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  • victor

    This ties (ha! See what I did there?) in nicely with a recent WSJ article about the recent “dress-up Fridays” craze in Silicon Valley.

    Also — Stephen Fry!! Squee!

  • Gary Chapin

    Note to self: learn to tie bow tie. Learn to tie windsor knot.

  • Maggie

    Love this post, especially the caption to the picture of Matthew Crawley.

  • Fr. C.

    Do they have Roman Collars, or just neckties?

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