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Guest Post: Louis IX, Richard the Lionheart Welcome Renaming the Crusades as "Cru"

And now for something completely different. Let it be noted that we’ve published pieces (for example this interview with Rodney Stark) correcting misperceptions about the Crusades.  Nonetheless, the following guest post was sent to me by Hillary the Adequate (no, it’s not me), and he is entitled to his perspective. Louis, Richard the Lionheart Welcome [Read More…]

Morning Links: Obama's Crumbling Base, Rod Dreher, Andrew Ferguson, Scot McKnight, and Higher Education

In the News 1.  “New Polls Confirm Obama’s Democratic Base Crumbles.”  Michael Warren comments. 2. Andrew Ferguson with a rather devastating portrait of Jon Huntsman. 3.  Why are conservatives such a minority at so many graduate schools? 4.  Rod Dreher with an excellent piece on Anders Breivik and his “Christianity,” which makes some similar points [Read More…]