Why don’t you #HaveASeatRightThere Muslim guy on twitter

"Our Perverted Eternal Justice Warriors have been tracking JJ, who goes by the online handle gabrielles-ONE-FIFTY-ONE... He claims to be a religious man who follows his peaceful religion."Did you bring the bottle of 151 like we asked? Against alcohol now, too, are we? Unless you've got something else to say to the world, you're free to GTFO anytime.Follow me on twitter. … [Read more...]

Urgent Message From David Silverman

What a year it's been.The Reason Rally. A hugely successful national convention in Washington. Billboard and outreach campaigns. Courtroom victories. Now, a landmark lawsuit that challenges the special privileges given to churches by our government and the IRS.We need your help to keep going in 2013.If you haven't already, please support American Atheists and this lawsuit by making a contribution to our $100,000 Fair Taxation Legal Fund and your gift will be doubled.The support … [Read more...]

All-Time Dumbest Scientific ‘Facts’ That My Soldiers Actually Say

Some of my fellow soldiers have said some pretty unscientific or unrealistic things. A lot of these things are based on sensationalized, hyped, outdated, misread, or otherwise incorrect science. Some of it comes from their own weird minds, but a frightening amount comes from regurgitating science-sounding 'facts'.“You only use 10% of your brain. Except Einstein, he used 12%.”This is often traced back to a vitamin advertisement from the late 19th century. I've seen a few other exp … [Read more...]

Jerry Coyne on changing his mind about Evolutionary Psychology

Yesterday, Jerry Coyne was linked to my article about his noticeable shift regarding his acceptance of evolutionary psychology. It wasn't addressed to me, but I liked his reply....Well, since you brought it up, I don’t see it as odious (as some have) that I changed my mind about the field. Part of it involved doing more reading about it, and teaching it, but most of it I attribute to the fact that the early excesses of evolutionary psychology have been tempered as the field has started p … [Read more...]

Jesus, is there any good anime out there?

I know everybody develops their own taste in art. Among anime nerds, it's no different. The thing is, I don't know if I'm really much of an anime guy. I find the vast majority of it to be reformulations of the "how are we going to use our powers this week" variety. Though there are exceptions, I don't tend to like the comedies - and never the romances. I like the artsy-fartsy stuff, and I crave more of it.Cat Soup (full)This is my all time favorite. It's a nearly wordless 30 minutes. It … [Read more...]

Flip of a Coyne: Jerry now champions Evolutionary Psychology

Recently, this article by Ed Clint prompted me to ask whether or not Evolutionary Psychology (EP) is getting a fair shake. I ended up writing about it a few more times, and each time somebody would bring up Jerry Coyne's scathing indictments on the entire field. That's all moot now, with a recent flip of a Coyne.I don't blame them for quoting Jerry Coyne. It's not necessarily a logical fallacy to appeal to authority, and it's pretty much all a lay-person can do. In fact, that's what I was at … [Read more...]

You are not a character worth associating with

trigger warning for those that may melt into a worthless puddle when facing a heated atmosphere. … [Read more...]

No really, THAT was utterly shameful writing.

Lousy Canuck has another post with extreme histrionics. It's so weird because I really liked the beginning. He was describing his awkward upbringing, and I found myself totally relating. Obviously he went down a different path and chose the comic books and video games route. As for me, the Army pretty much saved my life. But I had to stop reading midway through and react.I stopped at this bit.Lousy Canuck wrote:I saw Justin Griffith step up to tell everyone that the members of Team … [Read more...]