The Stepford Wives

When Johanna gets fired from her job as the president of a television network, she and her husband Walter, move with their kids to Connecticut. As they take the exit from the parkway to Stepford, we get to see the signs that say "Wrong Way". You can say that again. The thing about The Stepford Wives is that there are parts that are done well (the whole preamble when Johanna presents the reality show to the affiliates and one of the contestants takes revenge) is quite a good look at the possible … [Read more...]

Starksy and Hutch

Still making up some movies from earlier this year that I missed in theaters. I saw this one on the plane yesterday from LA to Chicago. Someone once told me that every laugh in a film costs a million dollars. If that's true, then Starsky and Hutch must have been a really low budget movie. OK, I laughed when he shot the donkey and when the car missed the boat (literally). Because it was the airplane version of the film, maybe they cut out something that would have contributed to the creative … [Read more...]