The Pope and the Press–Is the Honeymoon Over?

Pope Francis

Has anybody else noticed the distinct reduction in temperature in the love affair between Pope Francis and the secular press? Could it be that the fervor of the secular press for the man who made TIME magazine’s Person of the Year, made it on to the cover of Rolling Stone and the Gay Magazine, Advocate [Read More...]

Have You Seen This Amazing Video?

I will follow is a powerfully moving ten minute film in which two young priests tell how they ended up hearing and then following Christ’s call. Take ten minutes to watch this video, then share it on YouTube and social media. It deserves to be seen widely. The production values are high. The quality is [Read More...]

Ten Things Every Catholic Should Know About Sola Scriptura


Do you know how to answer a non Catholic Christian who challenges you about the Bible? Knowing how everybody loves lists, here are ten things every Catholic should know about Sola Scriptura: 1. Sola Scriptura means “only Scripture”. It is the Protestant belief that the Bible is the only source for teaching on doctrine and morality. [Read More...]

Pilgrimage to England with Joseph Pearce


Would you like to spend ten days in England with me and my good friend Catholic author and biographer Joseph Pearce? We’ll be conducting a pilgrimage together in June and you can still sign up, but do so  quickly because the deadline is approaching. The tour will focus on Catholic Literary figures and martyrs. Joseph [Read More...]

Catholicism, Sausages and the Roots of Religion


Celebrating daily Mass is a blessing because you can take more time to contemplate and ponder the mysteries before you. On a large Sunday Mass I am too often concerned with all that is going on around me and making sure everything is going smoothly. On Sunday night I had been reading Mircea Eliade’s history [Read More...]

Excerpt from Slubgrip Instructs


In Slubgrip Instructs the demon Slubgrip has been demoted to teach Popular Culture 101 at Bowelbages University. While he bullies and badgers his scrofulous students he is also plotting with his old friend Knobswart to take over the university administration. His daily Luciferian lectures are interspersed with guest lecturers like Zelnick–who lectures on how to [Read More...]