I’ll Forgive You If…


My latest article for Integrated Catholic Life discusses where we get to power to forgive. What I am more likely to find authentic is the person who says, “Father, that person offended me badly and I feel awful because I just can’t forgive.” “Exactly!” is my reply, “The Pharisees were right when they said, ‘Who [Read More...]

The Vatican Stance: Affirmative Orthodoxy


John Allen writes week and positively here on the events in the Vatican this week. The most interesting section is on the Vatican’s stance on sex and family life. Allen calls this “affirmative orthodoxy”. That is, we are trying to communicate what is beautiful, good and true rather than condemning what is lacking. Some years [Read More...]

Dying Naturally


Wesley Smith writes here about some of the creepy new “funeral” services in a secular age. A recent front page story in the New York Time reported on a new funeral fad during which the recently deceased are posed as if still alive and engaged in a favorite activity…Those who don’t want burial but wish to dispose of [Read More...]

Francis’ Honeymoon is Over – Another Liberal Bites Back


Last week Salon ran a hatchet piece on Pope Francis by Anna March. In one of the most ludicrous article I’ve ever read it was suggested that Pope Francis’ nice guy image is nothing more than a PR stunt run by a sinister conservative member of Opus Dei… I commented on March’s piece here. Today [Read More...]

Clarity and Charity in the Liturgy Wars


I found it interesting how people understood yesterday’s post about the Cain Syndrome. It was meant to be an observation about a general trend within human nature and especially within religious behaviors. Some readers, however, interpreted as being only about the liturgy wars. By liturgy wars I mean the traditionalists who believe only the Latin Mass [Read More...]

T.S.Eliot Lived Here


T.S.Eliot’s boyhood home in St Louis. This is in Westminster Place just two blocks behind the Catholic Cathedral. The Cathedral would have been under construction in the last years of Eliot’s time here. It was completed in 1914–the year Eliot moved to England. [Read more...]