England and Italy Round Up

Mass at Sant Antimo

Sorry no blogging for the last two weeks, but I’m now back in the USA after an utterly fantastic two weeks in England and Italy. Both weeks were more pilgrimage than vacation, but that’s what a true pilgrimage is: a holy vacation. I’ll be writing more later as it all continues to sink in but [Read More...]

England I Loathe and Love


This latest visit to England has been full of mixed emotions. Visiting as a tourist for the first time has given me a glimpse of a wonderful country where I spent twenty five years of my life through a new lens, and of course I felt nostalgic for England. Who wouldn’t on a perfect June [Read More...]

The Devil Fights Dirty

Jasper Britton as Barabas in  the RSC production of 'The Jew of Malta'

Here in Stratford-on-Avon some of us went to see Christopher Marlowe’s The Jew of Malta at the Swan . It was an excellent performance and one of the delights was to sit opposite a group of English schoolchildren and watch their faces. They were spellbound by the magic of the theater. The play itself reveals Marlowe’s rumbustious [Read More...]

The Clash of Secular and Sacred

The Mission

  My article for Imaginative Conservative this week connects with my visit to England. It is an analysis of two films by Robert Bolt: Man for All Seasons and The Mission When church and state conspire together the state ultimately wins, for the church’s real power can never be of this world, and any true believer who is [Read More...]

English Martyrs Pilgrimage Diary 4

Oxborough Hall

Sometimes on a pilgrimage like this shepherding thirty or forty people and their luggage some stuff goes wrong. You miss a connection or someone gets lost or you could have had some details organized better. On the other hand, sometimes unexpected gifts are given. We’re still talking about the serendipitous Corpus Christi procession at Oxborough [Read More...]

England Pilgrimage Diary 3

The Church of St Etheldreda, Ely

We’ve been away from internet for a few days on our English Martyrs-Literary Pilgrimage of England with Joseph Pearce After a Saturday evening hike around London’s West End with dinner at in Chinatown we left on Sunday morning for the cathedral city of Ely where we visited the little church of St Etheldreda. Sunday morning Mass [Read More...]