Resurrection or Re-Incarnation?

empty tomb

Christians believe in the resurrection of the body. This means that in some sort of way, at the last day, we will have a ‘resurrection body’. What does this mean and how can this be? Is God going to gather up every last particle of me and put me back together again? What about the [Read More...]

If You Died Tonight Are You 100% Sure….


…you’d go to heaven? That is the question Evangelicals love to ask people. It’s one of religion’s easiest sells and the conversation goes like this: “If you died tonight do you know if you would go to heaven?” The majority of people would shrug and say, “Not sure.” The Evangelical says, “Would you like to [Read More...]

Are Catholics Just as Divided as Anglicans?

Decaying Church

A comment on the recent announcement that global Evangelical Anglicans are starting up their own “parallel church” has brought the observation that “Catholics are just as divided as Anglicans although they have maintained authoritarian “unity”. I suspect this comment comes from an Anglican, and it is the sort of thing I once believed. I actually [Read More...]

Hillary Nixon

Hillary Nixon

More and more Americans are beginning to connect the dots and realize that the corruption and sleaze of the Clinton clan makes Richard Nixon look squeaky clean. The fact that the American press give Mrs Clinton a pass on her blatant obstruction of justice is amazing. Maybe its the Amish in me, but I have [Read More...]

Anglicans Form Breakaway Church – So This is News?

Anglican Bishops Planning Breakaway Church

The Daily Telegraph reports here about the new Anglican breakaway church. Developing out of a worldwide Evangelical Traditionalist movement called GAFCON (Global Anglican Future Conference) the new alliance brings together Evangelical Anglicans from America and Africa mostly–who are upset at the Anglican decision to ordain women bishops, espouse the gay agenda and allow their buildings to [Read More...]

The Underdog Myth that Hillary Has to Overcome

hillary and marco

When I was living in England I remember how the English hated George Bush Jr. The mocked him for seeming like a small town hick. What they didn’t understand was that George Bush Jr’s move to Texas to live on a ranch and marry the town librarian was the smartest political move he could have made. Bush [Read More...]