A Married Priest on Married Priests

The Longenecker Family at Fr Dwight's Ordination

Last week I was asked by an editor at the New York Times to contribute a very short article as part of a forum on the issue of married priests in the Catholic Church. She asked me specifically to outline some practical reasons against having married priests. I did so, and thereby received a fair [Read More...]

The Radical Vision of the Christian Family

I was asked to comment on the marriage-family crisis in our society. This interview was published elsewhere last week. I thought it would combine to make a good blog post. Enjoy. Is there a marriage crisis in the United States? How would you characterize it? “Crisis” is a good word to use because part of [Read More...]

CSL and JFK – Two Jacks

Two Jacks

Today is the fifty first anniversary of the death of C.S.Lewis. He died, of course, on the same afternoon that JFK was gunned down in Texas. Both men were nicknamed “Jack” and that’s pretty much where the similarity ends. The two Jacks symbolize two different ways through the world. Jack Lewis stands for the world of [Read More...]

Living in the Past in the Present

Wilbur Burnham designing a stained glass window

Part of being a Catholic is to live in the past in the present. What I am getting at is the idea that the universality of the Catholic faith means that it transcends not only particular cultural circumstances and particular locales, but it also transcends time. Think about it. At Mass the priest comes out [Read More...]

Are US Bishops Attacking Pope Francis?


My article for Aleteia this week asks whether conservative Benedict XVI appointed bishops are out to get Pope Francis. In a highly biased report, radical progressive Michael Sean Winters twisted the Archbishop’s comments into criticism of Pope Francis. Archbishop Chaput replied, “There are people who…deliberately want to twist the truth, and divide the Church, and [Read More...]

Is There a List of Mortal Sins?


One of the strengths and weaknesses of the internet age is that people write to strangers with personal problems which are often complex, but there is no context or background. So I’ll get an email out of the blue from someone I don’t know asking “What is the meaning of life? Why are we here? [Read More...]