Why Religious People Are Worse Than Darth Vader


The teacher in my screenwriting class said, “To create a believable villain you have to understand why he thinks he’s good.” In other words, nobody gets up in the morning deciding to be just as nasty, mean and murderous as possible. No. even Darth Vader thinks he’s a good guy, and to give George Lucas [Read More...]

Did I Become Catholic Because I Hate Women?

Catholic Women Priests?

In 1995 I resigned as a Vicar in the Church of England, and I and my family were received into full communion with the Catholic Church. I left the Church of England along with nearly 800 other priests. We joined the Catholic Church because the Church of England had voted to accept women as priests. Naturally [Read More...]

Is Catholic Anglican Ecumenism Over?

Members of ARCIC meet in Rome

My latest essay for CRUX takes a new slant on the possibilities facing Anglican Roman Catholic ecumenism. Short story: never give up hope. Last week, the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission (ARCIC) gathered in Rome for a further round of ecumenical discussion. Now that the Anglicans have female bishops, gay bishops, and are well along the path toward [Read More...]

Is Mary the Catholic Boy’s Pin Up?

About fifteen years ago I co-authored a dialogue book with Evangelical journalist John Martin. The book was called Challenging Catholics and it is now out of print. For Mary’s month of May I thought I’d publish here some of our dialogue about Mary. Here’s a particularly punchy passage: John: Let me spell out my three problems with [Read More...]

Infallible Me…


Non Catholic Christians often grumble about the Catholic doctrine of papal infallibility, but they miss the point that for any religion to be considered reliable somewhere along the line you have to have some sort of infallibility. To get what I mean we first have to understand what infallibility is. Infallibility is not sinless perfection. [Read More...]

Anti Catholic Spies Everywhere

As research for an exciting project I’m reading .The Watchers: A Secret History of the Reign of Elizabeth I Stephen Alford’s excellent study of the spy network in Elizabethan England. He does a great job in portraying the reality of the Elizabethan police state. We have got used to the version of English history in which [Read More...]