Our Wedding Hits the Big Time

I have been reading A Practical Wedding for five years. Yes, that is longer than I’ve known my husband.

It’s not just my love of all things wedding that drew me in; Meg and her team are having conversations that are vital for all women and those who love them. They are never afraid to examine the truth of things, whether fears about using the word “wife” and how that might change one’s identity or what it’s like to get divorced after putting a lot of effort into a wedding. It’s real and it’s inspiring. I love going there and reading the comments and connecting with other women (I’ve been using CarolynC in the comments lately. I have four names and I’m never sure which is the best to be using!)

So all that to say that today our wedding is on APW! 

I could not be more thrilled. Though I talked about the two weddings here, over there I did a post talking about what it was like to have two wedding ceremonies very close together. I really tried to show a different angle to it than what I’ve shared here.

For anyone wandering over here from APW, allow me to introduce myself!

My Hindu name is Ambaa and I’ve been blogging about the experience of being a non-Indian Hindu for four years now. I moved to this site in January and have ramped up my efforts to help other “new” Hindus adjust.

Here are some good beginner/intro posts if you’d like to learn more…

And if you’re working on an interfaith or intercultural weddings, I’ve gathered every post I did about wedding planning plus all the websites I could find about Hindu weddings onto this page here:

Hindu/Interfaith Wedding Resources

Thank you for allowing me to share my wedding with you and I hope you’ll stick around and join in the conversation here!

The premium blog today has a post on Vishnu and how to worship Him.

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