Books by Dave Armstrong: “Catholic Church Fathers”

Books by Dave Armstrong: “Catholic Church Fathers” November 4, 2007

“. . . Patristic and Scholarly Proofs

Cover (555 x 835)

(284 pages; completed in November 2007; published by Lulu in November 2007; revised with new title, typesetting, slight rearrangement of the chapters, new front and back covers, and a dollar off the list price, on 28 August 2013)


[Old title: The Church Fathers Were Catholic: Patristic Evidences for Catholicism]


[Lulu cover design by Dave Armstrong]

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Dedication (p. 3)
Introduction (p. 5) [available online]
Bibliography of Sources / Recommended Books (p. 11)

Chronological List of Church Fathers Cited (p. 17)

1. The Bible, the Church, Tradition, and Apostolic Succession (p. 19) 
2. Salvation, Justification, Penance, and Related Issues (p. 123)
3. The Eucharist and the Sacrifice of the Mass (p. 155)
4. Purgatory and Prayers for the Dead (p. 181)
5. The Communion of Saints: Invocation and Intercession of the Saints (p. 195)
6. The Blessed Virgin Mary (p. 209)
7.The Primacy of the Roman See and Papal Supremacy and Jurisdiction (p. 249)


St. Athanasius Was a CATHOLIC, Not a Proto-Protestant 

Church Fathers On the Sinlessness of Mary



Back Cover (555 x 740)

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