Sola Scriptura Debate (vs. Evangelical Pastor C. Michael Patton)

Sola Scriptura Debate (vs. Evangelical Pastor C. Michael Patton) October 19, 2008


Image from a You Tube presentation on Sola Scriptura and the Five Solas (10-5-14), by Pastor Andrew Coleman of Sheridan Hills Baptist Church [Creative Commons license for reuse]


This series of replies will respond to a lengthy, multiple-post defense of sola Scriptura, written by C. Michael Patton, on the blog Parchment and Pen. He describes himself as an “historic evangelical.” He is not an anti-Catholic (which is one major reason why I am taking a considerable amount of time interacting with him, because substantive and cordial dialogue is therefore possible). We’ve always had amiable relations.

C Michael Patton is the president of Reclaiming the Mind, a ministry of theological development for lay-people. He graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary and was on pastoral staff at Stonebriar Community Church for six years with Chuck Swindoll. He blogs at Parchment and Pen. Michael is also responsible for the development of the Credo House of Theology, a theological coffee house, museum, and bookstore. He has been profiled by the flagship evangelical magazine, Christianity Today.

Here is the listing of his own entire series:

In Defense of Sola Scriptura

Part One
Part Two
Part Three (Dual-Source Theory)
Part Four (Dual-Source Theory)
Part Five (Tradition)
Part Six (Apostolic Succession)
Part Seven (Canon)
Part Eight (Divisions)
Part 8B (Divisions)


Fallible Canon
Doctrinal Disagreement to the Glory of God
Why I am Proud to Be a Protestant


The six lengthy exchanges linked below between myself and C. Michael Patton (I replied to the above) were undertaken in October and November 2008. These old links from Internet Archive usually take a minute or two to upload. Be sure to select scanned versions from July 2015 or earlier.

* * * * *

Part I: Definitions and Introduction

Part II: General Discussion

Part III: Dual-Source Theory

Part IV: Tradition and Apostolic Succession

Part V: The Canon of Scripture

Part VI: Divisions

* * * * * *

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