Books by Dave Armstrong: “The Quotable Newman, Vol. II”

Books by Dave Armstrong: “The Quotable Newman, Vol. II” August 20, 2013
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[290 pages; completed on 26 August 2013 and published at Lulu on 27 August 2013]

[cover design by Dave Armstrong]
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While this volume continues the “work” of The Quotable Newman (Sophia Institute Press, 2012), it should be noted that most of the topics are different, though there is some overlap, too. Thus, “supplement” would more accurately describe the contents herein.
The first volume hit the major, “obligatory” theological topics. This one is more wide-ranging and perhaps also more “fun” (in a sense) for Newman devotees. Examples of the latter aspect might include Blessed Cardinal Newman’s reflections upon his own writing and books, science and Christianity, heaven and hell, old age, and Ireland and Irishmen.
The citations also tend to be relatively shorter, and to include proportionately more material from his correspondence.
I managed to locate two additional volumes of Letters and Diaries for this work: volumes 27 and 28: covering the years of 1874-1878. These individual portions of the massive, fifty-years-in-the-making 32-volume set are quite expensive. One is fortunate to find even used copies for less than $50 (some cost as much as $500). It’s likely, then, that most people who are interested in Newman at all, have not accessed these books.
They contain a lot of excellent observations and “gems” on a variety of topics, that I was delighted to find and now to pass along, for the education and edification of the reader.
Once again, theology is the overwhelming emphasis, so some topics that one might expect to find, or find in much greater depth, will be missing for that reason. But those interested in Cardinal Newman’s Catholic and doctrinal thinking and beliefs will, I trust, be satisfied with what I have compiled. Enjoy!



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On His Own Sermons

On Theological Anti-Catholicism

On the Inevitability of Protestant Tradition Decisively Influencing Biblical Exegesis

On the Necessity of Interpretation of Even Clear Scripture, and the Sensus Fidelium

On Modernist Skepticism 

On Communion in One Kind, the Authority of the Catholic Church, and Related Anglican Criticisms

On Papal Infallibility and Interpretation of  Magisterial Documents

On Potential Catholic Converts Right on the Edge of Being Convinced

Newman Foresees Internet Mind-Reading and Rabbit Trails

On Truth Wherever it is Found, and in its Good Time

Not All Can Debate Well (Newman Included)

On the Orthodoxy of Catholic Universities

On Poisoning the Wells

On the Indefectibility of the Church

On Paganism and Christianity

On Distortions Regarding the Catholic Doctrine of Papal Infallibility

Vatican I Defined God as the Author of the Biblical Books




The Quotable Newman and The Quotable Newman, Vol. II: Complete Index of Correspondents


Index of Topics 

[topics colored in blue were also included in Vol. I (39 total). All other topics are only found in Vol. II]

[Total topics in both volumes: 259 (Vol. I = 123 / Vol. II additional topics = 136). ]

Allegorical Method (p. 21)

Altar Calls (p. 21)
Altars (p. 21)
Anathemas (p. 22)
Angels (p. 23)
Anglicanism (p. 23)
Anti-Catholicism (Prejudice) (p. 23)
Anti-Catholicism (Theological) (p. 29)
Antichrist (p. 31)
Apologetics and Evangelism (p.32)
Apologia pro Vita sua (p. 33)
Apostates; Apostasy (p. 38)
Arianism (p. 39)
Aristotle (p. 42)
Art (p. 42)
Atheism and Agnosticism (p. 42)
Babylon, Whore of (p. 45)
Beatific Vision  (p. 46)

Beauty (p. 46)

Bishops (p. 47)
Cardinalate (His Own) (p. 47)
Cardinals (p. 49)
Catechumens (p. 49)
Celibacy (p. 51)

Charity; Almsgiving (p. 52)
Church, The (Ecclesiology) (p. 53)

Church and Salvation (p. 54)

Church and Social Change (p. 55)
Church and State; Caesaropapism; Erastianism (p. 57)
Church Buildings (p. 59)

Church Government (p. 60)
Church, Indefectibility of (p. 61)
Church, Infallibility of (p. 62)
Church (“Roman Catholic”: Anglican View of) (p. 63)
Church, Sinners in (p. 65)
Church, Visible (vs. Invisible) (p. 74)
Circumincession / Coinherence / Perichoresis (p. 78)

Communism (p. 80)
Confession (p. 80)
Conscience (p. 80)
Conversion and Converts (p. 81)
Conversion (His Own) (p. 83)

Cosmological Argument for God’s Existence (p. 84)
Councils, Ecumenical (p. 85)
Creation; Nature (p. 85)
Creeds (p. 85)
Crucifixes (p. 86)
“Dark Ages” (Anti-Catholic Myth of) (p. 87)
Denominationalism; Sectarianism (p. 88)
Development (of Doctrine) (p. 95)
Devotions (p. 95)
Discipleship (p. 97)
Discussion; Argument (p. 102)
Divorce (p. 108)
Doctors of the Church (p. 108)
Ecumenism; Non-Catholics (p. 109)
Englishmen (p. 116)
Enthusiasm, Religious (Derogatory Sense) (p. 118)
Essay in Aid of a Grammar of Assent (p. 119)
Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine (p. 123)
Eucharist: Communion in One Species (p. 128)
Evil, Problem of (p. 129)
Exegesis (of Scripture) (p. 132)
Exorcism (p. 132)
Experience, Religious (p. 133)
Faith (p. 133)
Faith and Reason (p. 139)
Faith and Works (p. 140)
Faith, “Blind” (Charge Against Catholics) (p. 140)
Fasting and Abstinence (p. 141)
Galileo (p. 141)
Geocentrist Cosmology (p. 142)
God and Moral Law (p. 144)
God’s Love (p. 144)

Grace (p. 146)

Happiness (p. 146)
Healings (p. 146)
Heaven (p. 147)
Hell (p. 148)
Heresy; Heresies (p. 152)
Hermeneutics (Interpretation of Scripture) (p. 157)
Idolatry (p. 160)
Ignorance, Invincible (p. 161)
Infidels (p. 162)
Inquisition / Temporal Punishments (p. 163)
Ireland and Irishmen (p. 164)
Jesus: Judaism and (p. 166)
Jesus: Sacred Heart Devotion (p. 166)
Joy (p. 167)
Judas (p. 168)
Judgment (p. 169)
Laity; the Faithful (p. 172)

Last Days (p. 172)

Latitudinarianism (p. 172)
Law and Gospel; Antinomianism (p. 173)
Letter to the Duke of Norfolk (p. 178)
Liberalism and Nominalism, Theological (p. 179)
Liberalism and “Progress” (Political) (p. 179)
Lies (p. 180)
Liturgy (p. 180)
Lutheranism (p. 180)

Martyrs (p. 182)
Mary, Blessed Virgin (General) (p. 183)
Mary: Devotion to; Veneration of (p. 183)
Mary: Holiness and Immaculate Conception (p. 184)
Mary, Perpetual Virginity of (p. 184)

Mary: Seat of Wisdom (p. 185)
Mary, Sufferings of (p. 186)
Materialism (Wealth for its Own Sake) (p. 187)
Matter (p. 189)
Methodism (p. 189)
Monks and Nuns (p. 191)

Music (p. 192)
Novels (p. 193)
Old Age (p. 193)

Old Catholics (Those Who Reject Papal Infallibility) (p. 195)
Ordination; Holy Orders (p. 196)
Oxford (p. 196)
Oxford University Sermons (p. 197)
Paganism and Christianity; Classics (p. 197)
Papal Infallibility (p. 201)
Papal Sins, Limitations, and Lack of Impeccability (p. 206)
Papal Supremacy and Petrine Primacy (p. 207)
Parochial and Plain Sermons (p. 207)
Perspicuity (Total Clearness) of Scripture (Falsity of) (p. 208)
Prayer (p. 209)
Preaching (p. 210)
Presbyterianism (p. 211)
Prophecy (p. 212)
Protestantism; Evangelicalism (p. 213)
Providence (p. 216)
Psalms (p. 218)
Purgatory (p. 218)
Rationalism (vs. Faith) (p. 219)
“Reformation” (Protestant) (p. 222)
Repentance (p. 222)
Revelation (p. 223)
Revivalism and Pietism (Excesses of) (p. 224)
Rosary, The (p. 225)
Rule of Faith / “Three-Legged Stool” (Bible-Church-Tradition) (p. 225)
Sabbath and Sunday Worship (p. 227)
Saints and Holiness (p. 228)
Saints, Invocation of (p. 233)
Salvation: Absolute Assurance of, Unattainable (p. 233)
Salvation, Moral Assurance of (p. 233)
Satire (p. 234)
Schism (p. 234)
Scholasticism; Schoolmen (p. 234)
Science and Christianity (p. 235)
Scientism (p. 246)

Scripture (p. 249)
Scripture, Inspiration of (p. 249)

Second Coming of Christ (p. 249)

Secularism (p. 250)

Sin (p. 252)
Skepticism (p. 255)
Sloganism (in Religion) (p. 256)
Superstition (p. 258)
Teleological Argument for God (Argument from Design) (p. 259)
Temptation (p. 260)
Testimony, Eyewitness (p. 261)
Theology and Theologians (p. 261)
Theosis; Deification (p. 265)
Tracts for the Times (p. 266)
Tradition (p. 269)
Transubstantiation (p. 269)
Truth (p. 270)
Universities, Catholic (p. 273)
Visions (p. 274)
Vocation (Calling) (p. 274)
Witchcraft (p. 278)
World, The (World System; Cosmos) (p. 278)
Worship (p. 280)
Writing (Books, Correspondence, Articles) (p. 280)
Writings (His Own) (p. 283)


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