Books by Dave Armstrong: “The ‘Catholic’ Luther: An Ecumenical Collection of His ‘Traditional’ Utterances”

Books by Dave Armstrong: “The ‘Catholic’ Luther: An Ecumenical Collection of His ‘Traditional’ Utterances” November 7, 2014
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My goal in the present volume is to give “balance” and greater overall accuracy to the Catholic treatment of Luther. He obviously wrote a lot of things that Catholics vigorously disagree with. I have dealt at length with those, elsewhere. But if we are to fully understand him, we also need to discover the orthodox and traditional aspects of his teaching (from the Catholic point of view). We owe it to Luther, to present his views in their fullness and broadness; in their totality. I shall be citing the portions of Luther’s writings that Catholics would agree with. The ecumenical endeavor is devoted to finding things that Christians have in common. This book will do exactly that. If I can persuade a few people that Catholics and Lutherans have more in common than either side (for the most part) imagined, I’ll be more than happy and fulfilled, having accomplished my goal. The topics are divided into nine broad sections and 113 individual categories, and arranged chronologically within each category.





Review by Matthew Celestis (2-17-15)


Introduction [read online]
Sources and Abbreviations
I. Bible and Tradition (Authority)
1.The Bible
2. Tradition, Apostolic
3. Fathers of the Church
4. Deuterocanon / “Apocrypha”
5. The Bible: Complex and Difficult to Master
6. The Bible: Eisegesis
7. The Bible: Proof from / Harmony with
II. Doctrine of the Church (Ecclesiology)
1. Catholicism
2. Apostolic Succession
3. Binding, Dogmatic Authority
4. The Infallible Church
5. Indefectibility of the Church
6. Church Councils
7. Ordination / Clergy
8. Bishops
9. Celibacy
10. Denominationalism, Sectarianism, Fanaticism
11. Sinners in the Church
12. Papal Supremacy and Headship
13. Authority: Obedience to
14. Holy Mother Church / Wrongness of Schism
15. Excommunication
16. Pope, Reverence for
17. Heresy
18. Rome: The Apostolic See
19. Monks and Monastic Vows
20. No Salvation Outside the Church
III.Theology of Salvation (Soteriology)
1. Necessity of Good Works in the Christian Life
2. Faith and Works
3. Works and Salvation
4. Co-Workers with God / Synergy
5. Justification
6. Sanctification
7. Salvation as a Process
8. Denial of Absolute Instant Assurance of Salvation
9. Original Sin
10. Theosis / Deification
11. Antinomianism or “Cheap Grace”: Falsity of
12. Grace, Degrees and Increase of
13. Discipleship / Personal Relationship with Jesus
14. Atonement, Universal
IV. Penance and Mortification
1. Confession
2. Absolution / Sacrament of Penance / Power of the “Keys”
3. Merit
4. Suffering and Sanctification
5. Fasting and Abstinence
6. Bodily Mortification
7. Sharing the Sufferings of Christ
8. Indulgences
9. Indulgences, Abuse of
10. Contrition
11. Satisfaction / Penance
12. Sin, Mortal
13. Sin, Venial
14. Chastity, Marital
V. Holy Eucharist and the Mass
1. Real, Substantial Presence
2. Consubstantiation
3. Consecration: Proper Words of
4. Eucharistic Adoration
5. Jesus’ One Sacrifice, Memorialized at the Mass
6. Grace and Strength Received from Holy Communion
7. Eucharist and Salvation
8. Ex opere operato
9. Liturgy and Rites
10. Eucharist and Forgiveness of Sins
11. Transubstantiation
12. Elevation of the Consecrated Elements
13. Continued Use of Latin
14. Holy Days
15. Priest as the “Alter Christus”
16. Mass, Daily
17. Communion in One Kind
VI. Sacraments and Sacramentals
1. Baptismal Regeneration / Baptism in General
2. Infant Baptism
3. Baptism and Being “Born Again”
4. Baptism and Salvation
5. Confirmation, Sacrament of
6. Anointing / Extreme Unction
7. Wholehearted Formal Prayer and Worship
8. Holy Places
9. Holy and Sacred Items
10. Genuflection, Bowing, and Kneeling
11. Crucifixes
12. Sign of the Cross
13. Sacramentalism
14. “Believers’” (Adult) Baptism (Falsity of)
15. Baptism of Desire
VII. Communion of Saints / Angels / Last Things
1. Prayer and Penance for the Dead
2. Invocation of Saints
3. Imitation and Veneration of Saints
4. Intercession of Saints and Angels
5. Useful ChristianImages
6. Relics
7. Purgatory
8. Saints
9. Idolatry
10. Saints, Communion of
VIII. The Blessed Virgin Mary (Mariology)
1. Sinlessness
2. Perpetual Virginity
3. “Mother of God” (Theotokos)
4. Queen of Heaven
5. Spiritual Mother / Invocation and Intercession of
6. The Rosary / Hail Mary
7. Virginity “in Partu” (During Childbirth)
8. Immaculate Conception or Immaculate Purification
9. Humility and Christ-Centeredness
10. Called “Blessed”
11. Veneration
12. Images of Mary
13. Second Eve / New Eve
IX. Miscellaneous
1. Apologetics
2. Contraception
3. Divorce


Introduction (10-10-14)

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Invocation of  the Blessed Virgin Mary [Facebook, 10-16-14]

Casual Reference to Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) as Scripture [Facebook, 11-6-14]

On What is “Biblical” [Facebook, 11-10-14]

On Merit [Facebook, 11-10-14]

On Eucharistic Adoration [Facebook, 11-11-14]

On the Veneration of the Saints [Facebook, 11-11-14]

Acceptance of the Eucharistic Principle of Ex Opere Operato [Facebook, 11-12-14]

On Mary’s Virginity “in Partu” (During Childbirth) on Account of Her Sinlessness [Facebook, 11-13-14]

On Purgatory [Facebook, 11-17-14]

On Nestorius and the Bankruptcy of His Reasoning Against Mary as the “Mother of God” [Facebook, 11-17-14]

On Sharing the Sufferings of Christ [Facebook, 12-1-14]

Luther Accepts the Sacrifice of the Mass (and He Doesn’t) [Facebook, 12-3-14]

Luther Calls Wisdom of Solomon “Scripture” [Facebook, 12-4-14]

Luther’s Excellent Argument Against “Believers'” (Adult) Baptism [Facebook, 12-6-14]

Luther’s Solid Arguments in Favor of Infant Baptism [Facebook, 12-6-14]

On Contraception and Procreation [Facebook, 12-22-14]

On the Infallibility and Indefectibility of the Church [Facebook, 12-28-14]


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