St. Augustine’s Holy Communion (Standing, in the Hand)

St. Augustine’s Holy Communion (Standing, in the Hand) October 4, 2015


Altarpiece of the Church Fathers: St Augustine Liberating a Prisoner (c. 1483), by Michael Pacher (1430-1498) [public domain / Wikimedia Commons]

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This post is especially for those who like to rail against the Novus Ordo Mass and current reception norms as a liberal distortion. The idea in modifying the liturgy was to be closer in spirit to the early, patristic liturgy. I myself, by the way, receive kneeling at an altar rail on the tongue, from the priest (that’s our custom in my parish), and I virtually never receive the cup; lest I be accused of “liturgical bias.” I’m simply presenting the facts as they are. Live and let live. Holy Mother Church allows liturgical diversity, as long as the rubrics are properly followed.

Distribution of the bread and wine took place at the chancel rail, where the people came forward to stand and receive from the hands of the bishop and/or deacons. Bread was placed into the joined hands with the words, “The Body of Christ,” to which the recipient responded: “Amen” . . . The cup was offered to each by another minister, with a similar exchange.

(from Augustine Through the Ages: An Encyclopedia, general editor: Allan D. Fitzgerald, Grand Rapids, Michigan: Wm. B Eerdmans Pub. Co., 1999; “Eucharistic Liturgy,” p. 338; this article written by Robin M. Jensen and J. Patout Burns)

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