God: Historical Arguments (Copious Helpful Resources)

God: Historical Arguments (Copious Helpful Resources) November 9, 2015


Head of Christ (c. 1648), by Rembrandt (1606-1669) [public domain / Wikimedia Commons]

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Jesus is God: Biblical Proofs (Dave Armstrong, 1982)

The Validity of a Categorical Syllogism Supporting Christ’s Deity (Francis J. Beckwith, 1986)

Jesus Christ, God Manifest: Titus 2:13 Revisited (Robert M. Bowman, Jr., 2008)

The Deity of Christ in the Synoptic Gospels (Daniel Doriani, 1994)

Jesus as God in the Second Century  (Paul Hartog, 2006)

Cosmic Christology and Colossians 1:15-20 (Larry L. Helyer, 1994)

God-Christ Interchange in Paul: Impressive Testimony to the Deity of Jesus (Don N. Howell, Jr., 1993)

Incarnation and Christology (Peter van Inwagen, 1998)

The Divinity of Christ (Peter Kreeft, 1988)

The Preexistence of Christ Revisited (Douglas McReady, 1997)

The Self-Understanding of Jesus: Synoptics (Glenn Miller)

The Self-Understanding of Jesus: Gospel of John (Glenn Miller)

Responses to Jesus in the Gospels (Glenn Miller)

Literary Responses to Jesus in the writings of the NT (+ Part II) (Glenn Miller)

The NT Witness: Other data relative to the deity of Jesus (Glenn Miller)

Summary–The Deity of Jesus Christ (Glenn Miller)

Pushbacks: Problems in the NT Witness to Jesus (Glenn Miller)

Does Jesus’ submission to the Father disprove His deity? (Glenn Miller)

The Messiah and the Hebrew Bible (John H. Sailhammer, 2001)

The Man Jesus Christ (Bruce A. Ware, 2010)

A New Occurrence of the Divine Name, “I Am” (Ronald Youngblood, 1972)




Jesus Seminar Should Go Back to School (Jimmy Akin, 1996)

Archaeology & Jesus’ Baptism “Beyond the Jordan” (Dave Armstrong, 2014)

Archaeology & St. Peter’s House in Capernaum (Dave Armstrong, 2014)

Locations of Jesus’ Crucifixion, Tomb, & the Via Dolorosa (Dave Armstrong, 2014)

Who does the Jesus Seminar really speak for? (Craig L. Blomberg, 1994)

Early Historical Documents on Jesus Christ (Catholic Encyclopedia)

“You Can’t Trust the Gospels. They’re Unreliable” (Paul Copan)

Rediscovering the Historical Jesus: Presuppositions and Pretensions of the Jesus Seminar (William Lane Craig, 1998)

Establishing the Gospels’ Reliability (William Lane Craig, 2007)

The Gnostic Gospels [Elaine Pagels]: a Review Article (Wayne S. Flory, 1981)

Basis for the Historical Jesus (Lewis A. Foster, 1963)

The Gospels As Historical Sources For Jesus, The Founder Of Christianity (R. T. France)

Jesus the Nazarene: Myth or History? (book by Maurice Goguel, 1926)

Gnosticism and the Gnostic Jesus (Douglas Groothuis, 1990)

A Summary Critique: Questioning the Existence of Jesus [G. A. Wells] (Gary R. Habermas, 2000)

Recent Perspectives on the Reliability of the Gospels (Gary R. Habermas, 2005)

The Corrected Jesus (Richard B. Hays, 1994)

The Search for Jesus Hoax (Hank Hanegraaff, 2000)

Qumran Evidence for the Reliability of the Gospels (Larry W. Hurtado, 1968)

The Historical Jesus According to John Dominic Crossan’s First Strata Sources: A Critical Comment (Dennis Ingolfsland, 2002)

Jesus and the “Earliest Sources” (Dennis Ingolfsland, 2003)

The Historicity of Jesus Christ (Wayne Jackson)

The Reliability of History in John’s Gospel (Thomas D. Lea, 1995)

Extrabiblical Witnesses to Jesus before 200 A.D.  (Glenn Miller, 1996)

What about the Gospel of Thomas? (Glenn Miller, 1996)

The “Jesus Seminar”: The Quest for the “Imaginary Jesus” (Brian Onken, 1986)

Did Jesus Exist? Books for Refuting the Jesus Myth (Christopher Price)

Did Josephus Refer to Jesus?: A Thorough Review of the Testimonium Flavianum (Christopher Price, 2003)

Scholarly Opinions on the Jesus Myth (Christopher Price, 2003)

A History of Scholarly Refutations of the Jesus Myth (Christopher Price, 2003)

Review of Dennis R. MacDonald, The Homeric Epics and the Gospel of Mark (Robert J. Rabel, 2000)

Defending the New Testament Jesus (Lee Strobel, 2007)

Evangelical Responses to the Jesus Seminar (Robert L. Thomas, 1996)

Review Article of Misquoting Jesus by Bart Ehrman (Daniel B. Wallace, 2006)

The Jesus Seminar and the Gospel of Thomas (James R. White)

The Jesus Seminar (Jimmy Williams, 1996)

The Gnostics and History (Edwin Yamauchi, 1971)




The Resurrection of Jesus: a Clinical Review of Psychiatric Hypotheses for the Biblical Story of Easter (Joseph W. Bergeron, M.D. & Gary R. Habermas)

Visions of Jesus: A Critical Assessment of Gerd Lüdemann’s Hallucination Hypothesis (William Lane Craig)

The Disciples’ Inspection of the Empty Tomb (William Lane Craig, 1992)

Debate: Is There Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus? (William Lane Craig vs. Bart Ehrman, March 2006)

‘Noli Me Tangere’: Why John Meier Won’t Touch The Risen Lord (William Lane Craig, 2009)

The Witness of the Pre-Pauline Tradition to the Empty Tomb (William Lane Craig, 2010)

In Defense of the Resurrection (Norman L. Geisler, 1991)

The Shroud of Turin and its Significance for Biblical Studies (Gary R. Habermas, 1981)

The Shroud of Turin: A Rejoinder to Basinger and Basinger (Gary R. Habermas, 1982)

Resurrection Claims in Non-Christian Religions (Gary R. Habermas, 1989)

Jesus’ Resurrection and Contemporary Criticism (+ Part II) (Gary. R. Habermas, 1989 and 1990)

Explaining Away Jesus’ Resurrection: The Recent Revival of Hallucination Theories (Gary R. Habermas, 2001)

The Late 20th-Century Resurgence of Naturalistic Responses to Jesus’ Resurrection (Gary R. Habermas, 2001)

Resurrection Research from 1975 to the Present: What are Critical Scholars Saying? (Gary R. Habermas, 2005)

Experiences of the Risen Jesus: The Foundational Historical Issue (Gary R. Habermas, 2006)

The Lost Tomb of Jesus: A Response to the Discovery-Channel Documentary Directed by James Cameron  (Gary R. Habermas, 2007)

Dale Allison’s Resurrection Skepticism: A Critique (Gary R. Habermas, 2008)

The Minimal Facts Approach to the Resurrection of Jesus: The Role of Methodology as a Crucial Component in Establishing Historicity (Gary R. Habermas, 2012)

The F-E-A-T That Demonstrates the Fact of Resurrection (Hank Hanegraaff, 1998)

Evidence for the Resurrection of Christ (Peter Kreeft, 1994)

Eliminating the Impossible: Can a Scientist believe the Resurrection? (John Lennox, 2014)

Making the Case for the Resurrection at 36,000 Feet (Michael Licona, 2006)

Collapsing the House of Cards Over the “Lost Tomb of Jesus” (Paul L. Maier, 2007)

Evidence for the Resurrection (Josh McDowell, 1992)

The Argument from Miracles: A Cumulative Case for the Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth (Lydia & Timothy McGrew, 2009)

Resurrected as Messiah: The Risen Christ as Prophet, Priest, and King (Gavin Ortlund, 2011)

Was the Tomb Really Empty? (Robert H. Stein, 1977)

The Probability of the Resurrection of Jesus (Richard Swinburne, 2012)

Easter: Myth, Hallucination, or History? (Edwin M. Yamauchi, 1974)




New Testament Miracles and Higher Criticism (Craig L. Blomberg, 1984)

Review of Colin Brown, Miracles and the Critical Mind (William Lane Craig, 1984)

The Problem Of Miracles: A Historical And Philosophical Perspective (William Lane Craig, 1986)

Creation, Providence, and Miracle (William Lane Craig, 1998)

On Hume’s Philosophical Case Against Miracles (Daniel Howard-Snyder)

Of “Of Miracles” (Peter van Inwagen, 1997)

Miracles and the Laws of Nature (Robert A. Larmer, 2015)

Do Miracles Require Extraordinary Evidence? (Robert A. Larmer, 2015)

Miracles and the Progress of Science (Robert A. Larmer, 2015)

Miracles as Evidence for God (Robert A. Larmer, 2015)

Miracles and Christian Apologetics (Robert A. Larmer, 2015)

Did the NT authors invent the miracle stories in the gospels? (Glenn Miller, 2002)

Were the Miracles of Jesus invented by the Disciples/Evangelists? (Glenn Miller, 2002)

The Miracles of Jesus: A Historical Inquiry (Christopher Price, 2004)




Reply to Atheist “ProfMTH” on Alleged Misuse of OT Messianic Prophecies (+ Part II / Part III) (Dave Armstrong, 2010)

When Prophecy Appears to Fail, Check Your Hermeneutic (Robert Chisholm, 2010)

The Old Testament as Messianic Prophecy (Robert D. Culver, 1964)

Micah 5.2: The Bethlehem Issue (Glenn Miller)

Does Micah 5 speak about the birth-place of the Messiah, or only His birth-family? (Glenn Miller)

The Fulfillment of Prophecy (Glenn Miller, 1997)

Did Jesus Fail to Fulfill all the Messianic Prophecies? (Glenn Miller, 2000)

Is Isaiah 53:10 more likely referring to Israel than to Jesus? (Glenn Miller, 2001)

The Isaiah 7:14 passage [Virgin Birth] (Glenn Miller, 2002)

Messianic Prophecies (Glenn Miller, 2006)

The Arrangement of Jeremiah’s Prophecies (J. Barton Payne, 1964)




Debate on the “Last Days” / Was the Author of Hebrews a False Prophet? (Dave Armstrong vs. Ed Babinski, 2006)

Dialogue on the Documentary Theory of Biblical Authorship (JEPD) and of Dissenting Liberal Hermeneutics Generally (Dave Armstrong, 2007)

Alleged Bible “Contradictions” and “Difficulties”: Master List of Christian Internet Resources for Apologists (Links) (Dave Armstrong, 2010)

The Documentary Theory of the Authorship of the Pentateuch: Collection of Critical Articles (Links) (Dave Armstrong, 2010)

Reply to Atheist “ProfMTH”: Is the Biblical Paul Self-Contradictory? (Dave Armstrong, 2010)

Debate with “DagoodS” on Skepticism Regarding the Ancient Hittites (+ Part II / Part III / Part IV) (Dave Armstrong, 2011)

Archaeology & Joshua’s Altar on Mt. Ebal (Dave Armstrong, 2014)

Sodom & Gomorrah & Archaeology: North of the Dead Sea? (Dave Armstrong, 2014)

Manuscript Evidence: NT vs. Plato, Etc. (Dave Armstrong, 2015)

The Census and Quirinius: Luke 2:2 (Wayne Brindle, 1984)

Disunity and Diversity: The Biblical Theology of Bart Ehrman (Josh Chatraw, 2011)

The Mosaic Authorship of the Pentateuch (Duane L. Christensen & Marcel Narucki, 1989)

Jesus and the Inspiration of Scripture (Gary R. Habermas, 2002)

Christians and Archaeology (Daniel L. Hoffman, 2004)

Facts for Skeptics of the New Testament (Greg Koukl, 2004)

Biblical Archaeology: Factual Evidence to Support the Historicity of the Bible  (Paul L. Maier, 2004)

The Faulty Criticism of Biblical Historicity (Paul L. Maier, 2004)

Christian ‘bias’ in the NT Writers– Does it render the NT unreliable or inadmissible as evidence? (Glenn Miller, 1996)

On the Mosaic authorship of the Pentateuch (Glenn Miller, 1997)

Was the Pentateuch “adulterated” by later additions? (Glenn Miller, 1998)

A Critique of Certain Uncritical Assumptions in Modern Historiography (John Warwick Montgomery, 1997)

Historical Narrative and Truth in the Bible (Grant R. Osborne, 2005)

Earl Doherty and the Apostolic Tradition (Christopher Price, 2003)

Are the Biblical Documents Reliable? (Jimmy Williams, 1995)

The Rise and Fall of the 13th-Century Exodus-Conquest Theory (Bryant G. Wood, 2005)

The Biblical Date for the Exodus is 1446 B.C. (Bryant G. Wood, 2007)

A Critical Analysis of the Evidence from Ralph Hawkins for a Late-Date Exodus-Conquest (Rodger C. Young & Bryant G. Wood, 2008)


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