Dialogues with Lutheran Professor “CPA” (Series)

Dialogues with Lutheran Professor “CPA” (Series) May 10, 2016


Image by “Geralt” [Pixabay / CC0 public domain]


I have linked to Internet Archive versions of my old Blogspot papers. Be sure to allow a minute or two for the posts to load, and make selections from July 2015 or earlier.

“CPA” is a very friendly Lutheran professor of history, with whom I’ve enjoyed many fun dialogues. He stated in unsolicited remarks (7-12-05), that I was “blessedly free of the kind of ‘any enemy of Protestantism is a friend of mine’ coalition-building . . . he’s pro-Catholic (naturally) without being anti-Protestant (or anti-Orthodox, for that matter).”


These dialogues are now listed on my Martin Luther and Lutheranism web pages.


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