The Rapture End-Times Scenario: Catholic Refutations

The Rapture End-Times Scenario: Catholic Refutations May 8, 2017

Image by Ivan Cujic [ / CC0 public domain]


See the following articles and audio files (Carl Olson is the man!):


Recycled Rapture (Carl E. Olson)
Rapture Claptrap (review of Paul Thigpen’s book, The Rapture Trap by Carl E. Olson)
Waiting to be Raptured (Carl E. Olson)
Does the Bible Teach the Rapture? [54-minute audio interview of Carl E. Olson]
The Rapture (Catholic Answers tract)
Refuting the Rapture (Encore) [55-minute audio talk by Jim Burnham]
Endtimes, Millennium, Rapture (Colin B. Donovan, STL)
The Rapture Rupture (Ray Sullivan)
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