Documentary Theory (Pentateuch): Critical Articles

Documentary Theory (Pentateuch): Critical Articles December 22, 2017

“In the last two decades of Pentateuchal scholarship, the source-critical method has come under unprecedented attack; in many quarters it has been rejected entirely. . . . [various factors] have led scholarship to the brink of abandoning the four sources, J, E, P and D. ”

— The Tam Institute for Jewish Studies at Emory University (Spring 2009 Calendar of Events)


Deconstructing the Documentary Hypothesis (Phillip Campbell, Unam Sanctam Catholicam)

Crisis in Scripture Studies (William G. Most)

Critique of the Documentary Theory (William G. Most)

Dialogue on the Documentary Theory of Biblical Authorship (JEPD) and of Dissenting Liberal Hermeneutics Generally (Dave Armstrong)

Documentary Hypothesis (Catholic Answers forums discussion thread)

JEDP theory (Catholic Answers forums discussion thread)

Documentary Theory: True of False? (Catholic Answers forums discussion thread)

JEDP refutations (Joseph Blenkinsopp) [link for cited book]

“The Genesis of a Commentary”: Review of Genesis, by Jewish scholar Nahum M. Sarna (Jimmy Akin, This Rock, 11-1-96)

The Catholic Encyclopedia (1911): “Pentateuch”

What Is Biblical Criticism—and Should We Trust It? (Peter Funk, O.S.B.; This Rock, 4-1-05)


The Documentary Hypothesis (Duane Garrett, Bible and Spade, Spring 1993)

Does Anyone Still Believe the ‘Documentary Hypothesis’? (UK Apologetics)

The Torah in Modern Scholarship (Rev. Kenneth W. Collins)

Does the triple tale of Gen. 12, 20, and 26 support the JEDP theory? (J. P. Holding)

Do Genesis 15 and 17 support the JEDP theory? (J. P. Holding)

Midianites or Ishmaelites? (Genesis 37) (Eric Vestrup)

Does the “water from rock” double tale support the JEDP theory? (Ex 17:2-7; Num 20:2-13) (J. P. Holding)

Does Numbers 16 support the JEDP theory? (J. P. Holding)

Does Genesis 21 support the JEDP Theory? (J. P. Holding)

Deuteronomy and the JEDP Thesis (J. P. Holding)

Contradictions in the David and Goliath Story Examined (1 Samuel 16-18) (J. P. Holding)

On the Mosaic authorship of the Pentateuch (Glenn Miller, Christian Think Tank)

Was there not enough time for Hebrew to have developed? (Glenn Miller, Christian Think Tank)

The Making of the Old Testament Before Moses (Glenn Miller, Christian Think Tank)

A brief note about the Documentary Hypothesis (Glenn Miller, Christian Think Tank)

Good questions on JEDP (Glenn Miller, Christian Think Tank)

A Brief case for Mosaic Authorship of the Pentateuch (Glenn Miller, Christian Think Tank)

Was the Pentateuch “adulterated” by later additions? (Glenn Miller, Christian Think Tank)

Did Moses Write the Pentateuch? (Don Closson)

The Genuineness and Mosaic Authorship of Genesis (Dr. Timothy Lin; PDF file)

The Documentary Hypothesis (list of scholars of various religious persuasions who reject it) (Alice C. Linsley)

My Trouble with the Documentary Hypothesis (+ Part Two) (Agkyra website)

Genesis: Before Abraham Was and the Documentary Hypothesis
 (+ Intro, Parts Two / Three / Four / Five / Six) (Stephen Rives)

Response to Rolf Rendtorff’s “What Happened to the Yahwist? Reflections after Thirty Years” (David J. A. Clines, Society of Biblical Literature)


On the Documentary Hypothesis (Rabbi Yosek Reinman; Biblical Archaeology Review)

The Documentary Hypothesis Eight Lectures (Umberto Cassuto)

The Documentary Hypothesis – a Critique (Jacob Stein)

On Bible Criticism and Its Counterarguments: A Short History (Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo)

Documentary Hypothesis Debunked: An Analysis of Bible Criticism (Rabbi Shlomo Cohen)


(originally 6-21-10; three additional articles added on 12-22-17)

Photo credit: Julius Wellhausen (1844-1918): originator of the Documentary Theory, c. 1914 [public domain / Wikimedia Commons]


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