Magic To Do On Vacation: Easy Witchcraft To Make The Most Of Your Time Off

Magic To Do On Vacation: Easy Witchcraft To Make The Most Of Your Time Off October 23, 2019

Vacations are a chance to get away from the daily grind and live life on a whole other scale.  While on vacation, you see new places and have new experiences.  It’s a magical time, to say the least.

witches and others on vacation in salem massachusetts church black and white copyright Kimmi Lynn
My most recent vacation was in Salem in early October for the wedding of a dear friend. I’m the third from the left. Photo copyright Kimmi Lynn.

I do magical things on vacation all the time.  On my most recent vacation — a trip to Salem in early October for a wedding party — I found myself in the company of other people who also do magical things on vacation as well!

Here’s my list of favorite magical practices to do on vacation.

Get a Broader Perspective

Distance yourself from your usual, everyday life by imagining that you’re putting your daily life in a box.  You can come back to this box anytime, but while you’re on vacation, immerse yourself in the present moment.  Enjoy food, drink, the scenery–everything.

When you do want to imagine opening the box, view the things in there with objectivity. For example, you might realize that you don’t have to understand all of the reasons why a frustrating person’s energy doesn’t harmonize with yours.  You can move on without trying to control or fix the situation.  That’s the kind of broader perspective you can get on vacation.

Write Down Your Goals

How often do you write down your goals for your life?  I’m guessing it’s not very often.  Think about what you want to do in the next year and write a list.  Then go forward five years, then ten.  If you’re feeling ambitious, you could even write a list of all of the things you want to accomplish in your lifetime.

Thinking on a grand scale helps our minds find the paths to these goals.  Keep the goals somewhere handy and refer to them during the sabbats, new moons, full moons, or anytime that feels right.  When you read them, evaluate your options in the present moment and work your magic make them happen.

Get Elemental

If you have a chance to see the ocean, feel the wind, dance in the rain, go to a sacred earth site, visit a mountain, or experience a volcano or a bonfire, do it!  These moments can help you bond with the element much more than in your everyday life.

Use Your Intuition to Explore

Use your intuition to explore places.   Let the draw of something interesting lead you. Wander around and take an intuitive witch walk.  Choose your restaurants and coffeehouses not based only on online reviews, but also what feels magical energetically.

Buy Something For Your Magical Practice

When you’re in that elevated state, it’s the perfect time to buy yourself something magical.  After you cleanse the energy from it, infuse the item with the energy of the vacation by setting it out.

Admire it while you’re on vacation.  When you take it home and use it, it’ll be charged up with your good vacation vibes and will be ready for action on your altar or shrine.

Do Divination

I draw a few tarot cards every morning for my morning magical practice.  When I’m on vacation, I keep it up.  It helps to let me know what surprises will arise during the day.  It also helps if I’m confused about a situation or need some insight and can’t reach someone.

Get A Reading or Healing

One of the most magical things you can do is pay to have someone else do their magical thing and be a part of it.  Whether you get a reading or arrange to have some healing practice such as reiki or massage, you’ll likely have even more objectivity and insights when it’s over.  Getting outside assistance is always a good check-in.  Be sure to tip well to encourage good energy flow.

Get Souvenirs

As long as they’re legal, you can pick up little trinkets to remind you of your trip.  I like to pick up a stone or a shell from a natural area from every vacation I go on.  These natural souvenirs go on my altars when I get home.  Whenever I see them, I feel uplifted and recall the energy of that good time.

asterite from enchanted shop in salem
A container of asterite from Enchanted, a shop in Salem. Photo copyright the author.

Buying tumbled stones or something like that from a magical shop is always a nice gift for friends who aren’t with you.  That way, you can charge them up then share the magic of your vacation with them.

Kick an Addictive Habit

While you’re experiencing so much elevation, why not change your thinking or habits?  Vacation is a great time to drop something that no longer feeds your soul.  Studies back this up.

It doesn’t have to be drugs or alcohol–it could be gossiping, negative self-talk, eating too much sugar, watching too much television, being on your phone too much, or something like that.

Release your addictive habit in a ritual that feels natural to you.  It can be as simple as leaving a drink at a bar, writing a word on a piece of paper and throwing it away, or releasing the energy to the ocean or a mountain.  Start new, healthy habits.

Read A Magical Book

I love reading a good magical book when I’m on vacation.  Having all that free time allows me to delve deeply into a book.  The words and concepts can really sink in when I’m immersed in it.

We’re in a Renaissance period as far as magical books go–there are so many good ones that it’s hard to keep track of them all.  Why not take this time to help you get into a magical mindset?  You can get so many more ideas about your objective alignment for changes you want to make in your practice.


If you do your magical practice and rituals right, you’ll be successful.  Your expansive feeling will last for a long time after you come home.

~ Align with Starlight Witch ~

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