Hindu Mystery Bag!

Hindu Mystery Bag! July 12, 2017

When my parents were visiting we brought them to see the new age shop in town. It’s called The Crystal Fox and it’s Brad’s favorite shop to go to (of course!). Not only does it have all the crystals and incense and pendulums but it also has some board games and role playing supplies. So pretty much everything Brad loves. My parents have visited us so many times but we have actually never taken them to the local town center where The Crystal Fox is located. There are newer, more exciting areas of town but it was worth showing them our actual Main St!

By the door in the shop we discovered some paper “mystery” bags where you get surprise items at a steep discount. It was $7.50/bag and a few of them were specifically labeled “Hindu Mystery Bag.” How can you resist that, right? We (okay, mostly me and my mom) were curious what was inside so I went ahead and bought one.

hindu mystery bag
(Nails here)

We rushed home through the rain, anxious to find out what could be inside. So what was in the Hindu Mystery Bag? Here is a video of me opening it:


I don’t think I would buy one again, though the surprise element is fun. It’s exciting to not know what you’ll discover. That said, incense doesn’t excite me that much. But it’s a neat idea.

The little lingam (I assume that’s what it is because it looks just like the lingam I have on my altar) reminds me of how my mom and I used to look at miniatures that would be the right size for my American Girl Doll: Samantha. We would always say “That’s Samantha sized!” So now I have a Samantha sized lingam! Just what my American Girl Doll needs, a Hindu altar. I like this idea…

shiva lingam mini

That’s my full size one in the background and the mini one by Samantha’s hand (yes, this is an original American Girl Doll, from back when they only made three styles of doll. I got her in 1989!)

Welcome, Samantha, to the American Hindu Girl life!

Now I need to create her her own little altar. Someday I’ll have a child who appreciates all the miniatures I’ve gathered for for Samantha over the years (and if that child is Garrick Ravi, that’s fine. He can enjoy dolls if he would like).

I wonder where I should place the metal Hanuman… Would he go in my car perhaps? What do you think?

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  • surya

    Ya, Hanuman in car is fine Amba. Saraswathi or Laxmi pendant can go on to samantha though or you think is too big for her?