My Anniversary

My Anniversary August 19, 2017

Yesterday was my fourth wedding anniversary.

Indian wedding

As I reflect on my marriage, I am in awe of how wonderful and perfect it is. My husband is so awesome and perfect for me in every way.

I’m usually a skeptic and I’m not one to put much stock in the blessings of a “holy man” but it really is remarkable that less than a year after visiting the guru (who at the time I thought of as only my parents’ guru) and asking for a blessing to find a good husband, Brad appeared in my life.

I didn’t think about it at the time. I just thought I had gotten lucky at last. After a full ten years of dating and trying to find the right man for me, suddenly there he was and everything about our relationship was easy. And still is easy.

It wasn’t until a little while after we were married that I think it was my mom who pointed out the timing and how all this had fallen into place right after we visited His Holiness Sri Bharati Tirtha.

I’m still mostly a skeptic, but I’ve warmed up to the idea that it could be possible for someone very in tune with the universe to clear some karmic blockages for other people.

I’m so grateful to have the life that I have now. I have an amazing and perfect husband, a lovely child, and I get to be a stay at home mom just as I always wanted.

Life is good!

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  • Agni Ashwin


    By the way, have you read Sahib Sadhu: The White Sadhu by Sushil Choudhury et al.?

    • Ambaa

      I haven’t! Thanks for letting me know about it!

    • Paul Julian Gould

      Well, he was a Christian convert from the Hindu faith, so take that as it is, but a man possessed of much wisdom.

      I’d not consider him a sadhu, though… Granted, I’m Jewish, and not Hindu, but I’m acquainted with the various paths of Hinduism, and he’d likely not be accepted by any as any sort of saint… He became a Christian in Hindu garb.

      Just my take, and others’ mileage obviously varies

  • Paul Julian Gould

    Mazel Tov, and may G-d richly bless you with many years!

    About to celebrate our 6th on Oct. 29th… the 39th anniversary of the evening we first met… long story, but this chapter of the book is lovely!

    Cherish each other, and be there for each other… The secrets of a happy union, to me, are open communication, and complete honesty… anything else just makes things weird… *smile*

    • Ambaa

      What an interesting love story you must have! Sounds like When Harry Met Sally!

      • Paul Julian Gould

        Thank you, dear lady… This October makes our 40th anniversary of first meeting and our 7th of marriage… and we’re 60-somethings with lots and lots of individual life history…

        Interesting story, but would probably take a few volumes to adequately relate it, to be sure…

        *gentle smile*

  • surya


  • rosewelsh44

    I live in Southern Utah, how do I find someone his holiness to help me? I’ve blocked myself according to a card reading, before I was born.

    • Ambaa

      I’m sorry to hear that! I think that even bad karma can be overcome by focusing on the present, but it definitely helped me a lot to have that blessing from His Holiness. True holy people are not easy to come by. There are many who claim it but few I would actually trust. They say that a guru appears when you need one or are ready for one and there may be some truth in that. I spent a long time practicing Hinduism without guidence and trusting my own Self. It was unexpected that I found a connection with a truly Godly man. I didn’t think that would ever happen since my trust in authority figures is pretty low these days. But I worked on me and then it all just came together.

      But if you are looking to be in the presence of someone very special and getting your own blessing, plan a trip to Sringeri Math. It is in Southern India, a couple hours from Bangalore. There are accomodations there. The flight will be expensive but there are not many costs once you get there. Get in touch with the Math and someone can help you plan your trip.