Till We Have Faces – C.S. Lewis’ Masterpiece


Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis has long been one of my favorite novels. It's a relatively little known book; his apologetics, allegories, and Chronicles of Narnia series are all much more well known and adored.Lewis is problematic in many regards. He is a product of his time and place: born in Belfast in 1898, raised in the general Christiandom of the times, served in World War I, was white and male and learned, entering the "ivory tower" of Oxford as a student and then as a lecturer. His … [Read more...]

The Immaculate Conception: A Common Misconception

Henry Ossawa Tanner [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

When I defended my master's thesis on feminist Mariology (the study of the Virgin Mary), my panel included a United Church of Christ minister and historian, an Eastern Orthodox Christian and expert on religious education, a Roman Catholic priest of the Franciscan order, and Rosemary Radford Ruether, feminist theologian and thorn in the side of the Roman Catholic Church. The opportunity to study with Rosemary was one of the reasons I chose to attend the Graduate Theological Union; it was a huge … [Read more...]

Divine Discomfort

The road to Lavasa, seen through rain streaked glass, by Ashwini Sukhdeve, via Wikimedia Commons

I'm writing this while sick. I'm close to not being able to get out of bed. I need to heal and rest because I've got choir concerts at the end of the week. Adam has wrested the most important household tasks from my stubborn little fist. Gods, I'm stubborn.Some things can be let go of, to make more space for other things, to allow for some healing rest. You know what I have let go of? I didn't do my Sunday observances. Or my Monday ones. And I'm skipping my Tuesday puja too.I took … [Read more...]

What’s the Big Deal About Polytheism?


Over the last few years, as the polytheist "community" (faction? collection of people using this as a descriptor?) grows, there has been drama and contention about the words "polytheist" and "polytheism". Now that I am co-chairing a conference on polytheism I've been fielding questions about this word and our purpose.Why Polytheism?I cannot speak for other polytheists, nor for those who choose not to use this word. I will explain why I like this word and use it as a … [Read more...]

Many Gods West: Save the Date

Raphael's Olympians, 1516-17

I've been working on something. Something community oriented and non-verbal (more or less). Some of you may know that in my past I used to organize large conferences for Jewish studies in the San Francisco Bay area. I am putting those skills to work again! Rhyd Wildermuth, PSVL, and myself are working to bring you Many Gods West!Many Gods West builds on the discussion that started this past summer at the Polytheist Leadership Conference in New York. We are not linked in any formal way, … [Read more...]

Ferguson is Not an Isolated Injustice

Police in riot gear at Ferguson protests; By Jamelle Bouie [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Monday night's announcement of the Ferguson findings had me in tears on Tuesday. (Black teenager Michael Brown was shot on August 9 by white police office Darren Wilson. Wilson was not indicted by a grand jury.) I want to share some of the things I wrote yesterday.So, this might seem a callous comparison, but bear with me. That same morning we had the dishwasher repairman out. The kind repairman said that our model was a durable one; that new dishwashers are pretty, but are only designed to … [Read more...]

Gratitude for Mentors and Guides

I am grateful for the many people who shine their light on my path. For all its solitary nature, witchcraft isn't something we just pick up on our own. Sure, we come to this path as individuals and we are the only ones who can do the work, but we aren't alone.I learn so much from my friends and fellow bloggers, both online and off. The discussions we have help me articulate ideas, feel less crazy, and inspire me to try new techniques or keep sticking with old ones. However, nothing replaces … [Read more...]