110,000 Views of the #IBuiltThis Video!!

… and counting.  Have you seen it yet?

Also, I keep getting amazing photos from so many of my wonderful readers.  (I’ve kind of gotten behind there are so many, to be honest!)  Stay tuned for a fresh batch of even more “I Built This, Mr. President” photos very soon!

And thank you, readers.  Your stories are so inspiring!


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  • Joseppi

    Keep spreading the President’s message! Good job Bristol! So proud of you!

    • GrizzlyMom

      You are exactly right Joseppi! Bristol’s just not smart enough to realize it.

      • Truth101

        Let’s see here. Bristol has just purchased her second home at the young age of 21. I would say she is the smart one my two lib friends.

        • Joseppi

          I never said she was not smart. She certainly has taken advantage of the opportunities thrown in front her. I don’t fault her for that. But success in life is not determined by how much money you have, or how many homes you own. Paris Hilton and Larry Flint have those things too. Character can’t be bought.

          Those opportunities that Bristol had were because of her mother, and not for any other reason. She didn’t work a crappy job saving up for that first down payment like most people do. She shook her tail on a reality show for a few months to pay for the entire thing. And the only reason she was allowed that opportunity is because people like to see glimpses of Sarah Palin’s life. She grabbed onto that opportunity and there is nothing wrong with that.

          The only thing I have found wrong with her choices is the way she is publicly exploiting her son for money. He didn’t ask for this and it’s not fair to use him this way. It will hurt him in the long run.

          Her politics are her mothers politics and she hasn’t experienced enough in life to show that she is making her own choices and having her own ideas. She has never said anything that doesn’t parrot her mother, and that’s fine, nothing wrong with that either. It just means I can’t take her political views seriously because they are not really her own.

          • Truth101

            So let me understand. Since Bristol’s views are not your views than you can’t take her seriously. That money from DWTS paid for a roof over Tripp’s head and put food on the table. That money from DWTS started a college fund for Tripp. As far as I can tell Bristol doesn’t get any help from the sperm donor baby-maker. As far as I can tell Bristol didn’t have to trash anybody to make a buck. As far as I can tell Bristol is not on welfare or food stamps.

  • Kim A

    Thanks Bristol,

    As you know I’m a small businessman too and I support all your family does for America! God Bless!

    • Emma Lora

      Great post truth 101

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  • Nathan

    Thank you for all the good work you do, Bristol! I just sent you an “I Built This” photo of my uncle’s small business. I hope to see it, along with many more success stories, soon :)

  • louiseharas

    Bristol, you wouldn’t be writing this blog without the help and support of many people. Everything that you do is because other people have helped and supported you. For starters, if you didn’t have an influential mother was was governor and an former VP candidate, you would have been just another unwed teen mother, struggling to finish high school. Most teen mothers do not get to move into their own condo right after giving birth, let alone get chosen to be on Dancing with the Stars. Your book was ghost written, and sometimes this blog is ghostwritten. Your not even doing that by yourself. You couldn’t communicate with your fans without the support of the entire telecommunications industry: internet, telephone, television. When you talk on the phone, someone launched a satellite which beams your signal to the other person. As much as your family likes to brag about shooting your dinner, you didn’t make the gun, and you didn’t make the hunting gear and clothing. Try shooting a moose or a caribou with a spear while wearing something that you sewed from the skins of other animals that you shot. (You’ll have to make the spear or bow and arrow as native Americans did some time ago). We are truly blessed to be party of a country that offers such opportunity to so many people. Nobody gets to where they are all by themselves. They are inspired and helped by parents, as you were. Some of us had teachers who guided us on a good career path. You didn’t conceive Tripp by yourself. We are all part of different groups and communities: home, school, work place, where we live, where we like to play and relax. The whole idea is that we are supposed to support and help each other.

    • sheri

      First…you’re rude.
      Bristol used the opportunities in front of her. You have many of the same opportunities (phone, being born, living in the U.S.) Get out of your comfort zone and go for it. Equal opportunity, not equal outcome. And, admittedly, Bristol has an edge….and she used it.

      • louiseharas

        Bristol wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without her mother’s promoting her. My folks don’t have that kind of influence. And you, Sheri, are a fool.

        • Truth101

          Bristol’s mother didn’t promote her. You liberals promoted her. You put her on DWTS and into the final. You gave her a TV show. You enabled her to write a book. You gave her speaking engagements.

          You are Bristol.

        • Emma Lora

          My goodness louise, my folks did not offer those opportunities, but I am still happy for Bristol. Why the jealous pity-party?
          Lots of people have greater opportunities and still would rather have the handouts from rich parents. She had the opportunities and took advantage of it.

    • GrizzlyMom

      Excellent points louise!

  • bellagrazi

    Oh my gosh! Awesome, Bristol! Congrats!

  • blueniner

    Thanks Bristol for your great video, its good to see it go viral. I too created my own job and my own business, I didnt get any help from anybody.

  • Manny

    And Mr. President, it seems everything you do is put stumbling blocks in front of business. You’re trying to ruin the American dream.

  • Manny

    Louise, you’re being a jerk. Sure she’s taking advantage of opportunities but they are out there for everybody that will use them. The problem is there are too many that want to sit back and complain instead of working to make things better. The fact that half of the population pays no federal income tax shows me they’re already getting something for nothing.

    • Joseppi

      To be taken seriously you have to acknowledge that Bristol has had opportunities that are not out there for everybody. She has been privileged in ways most people are not. Nothing wrong with it, but don’t pretend it’s not the facts and that her situation is like anyone elses.

    • louiseharas

      Same writer as above. Bristol does not have any special talent. She got her breaks because her mother’s name and influence opened doors for her. You’re a jerk, can’t you see that I’m practicing the salute that Bristol taught her son. I’m sticking my tongue out at you. It’s a sign of affection.

      • Emma Lora

        LOL! Oh dear, this is aan outstanding study in envy and making excuses. Go out and do something Louise. Bet you can do more than you think you can if you get rid of the jealousy.

        • Truth101

          Right on!

  • John

    Thank you Bristol for sharing and making this wonderful video of all the businesses the great people of this great Nation built. Keep up the good work!