Books by Dave Armstrong: “Christian Worldview vs. Postmodernism”

Christian Worldview (555x848)
[completed in September 2002; published by Lulu in April 2007]
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[Cover design by Chad Toney]
Intended for general Christian reading — no Catholic distinctives presented

Table of Contents


Chapter One: The Rationality of the Christian Worldview
Chapter Two: Reflections on Agnosticism, Atheism, and Skepticism
Chapter Three: Replies to Atheists’ and Agnostics’ Questions About Christianity
Chapter Four: Christian Replies to the Argument From Evil (Free Will Defense): Is God Malevolent, Weak, or Non-Existent Because of the Existence of Evil and Suffering?
Chapter Five: The “Problem of Good” and the Nature of Meaningfulness in Atheism (The Flip Side of the Problem of Evil Argument Against Christianity) [see the original online dialogue with an atheist]
Chapter Six: Miracles, Natural Scientific Laws, and the Relationship of Christianity and Metaphysics to the Scientific Method
Chapter Seven: The Atheist’s Boundless Faith in Deo-Atomism (“The Atom-as-God”) [see revised online version]

Chapter Eight: First Cause: The Cosmological Argument for God’s Existence
Chapter Nine: The Teleological Argument for God’s Existence: Irreducible Complexity, and Intelligent Design

Appendix One: G.K. Chesterton on Humanist Skepticism
Appendix Two: John Henry Newman: The Illative Sense (Epistemology)
Appendix Three: John Henry Newman: Biblical Miracles

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