John Loftus runs the influential Debunking Christianity blog and has written several books that seem to have made quite a splash. His words will be in blue. * * * * * Former pastor John Loftus wants to be taken so seriously by Christians. And some do take him seriously (even Norman Geisler seems to). I was inclined to do so myself, until I ventured onto his blog last year and saw how he actually interacted with Christians (contrary to the noble, lofty sentiments of his blog’s… Read more

I was made aware of a thread at the blog DeoOmnis 10 Questions for “Bible Christians.” [link now defunct] It seems that that venue has been visited as of late (starting on 4 January 2007) by a very inquisitive Protestant who wants to learn more about Catholic beliefs: a person who goes by “”. I think others are doing a good job there, but “the more the merrier”, so I’ll put in my $00.02 worth too, since attempting some sort of answer… Read more

This exchange occurred today on a Facebook page (not my own). My attention was directed to a person who was making all kinds of statements against the Catholic Church and challenging anyone to give him Scripture to prove Catholic views. Well, that is my specialty, so I took the opportunity. The words of Angel Manuel Negron will be in blue. * * * * * When Jesus was walking in the New Testament – He specifically told us that we are to… Read more

This is from two posts of mine that I sent to the public, Calvinist-dominated Theology List on 29 November and 1 December 1996. I was lucky to get out of there alive. :-) * * * * * Dear friends, I have been challenged both as to the history of eucharistic doctrine prior to 1517. Therefore, I will cite no less than nine reputable Protestant scholarly sources to back up my contention that there was virtual unanimity of belief in the… Read more

This is material from the original version of my book, A Biblical Defense of Catholicism. This early edition (completed in 1994, and written from late 1990, right after my conversion) was much longer (about 750 pages) and contained many more citations from others. It was a sort of compendium of previous apologetics on all the subjects that it touched upon (somewhat similar in format to Josh McDowell’s Evidence That Demands a Verdict), as well as an extended biblical argument for Catholicism (the… Read more

Karl Keating has been playing out of tune way too much lately. ***** This is an old, tired discussion, but Catholic apologist and author Karl Keating wanted to again make an issue of it during the course of his (literally) 99 or so mentions / criticisms of me in his latest book, The Francis Feud. I’ve documented six glaring errors that he makes in the book, but is a side-issue and has nothing directly to do with the pathetic attacks… Read more

Catholics (especially converts) are well familiar with the sort of argumentation that argues that people become Catholic for all kinds of reasons: but not doctrinal, rational ones. It is a subtle variation of the old “smells and bells” routine. The Catholic could never be what he is because of a sound comparison of systems, or a studied analysis of theology, history, or the Bible. It has to be some extraneous factor that made him take such an absurd leap. People… Read more

I have to temporarily suspend my policy of not writing about the pope, because now we have a book by well-known and respected apologist and Catholic author, Karl Keating (whom I have greatly admired for 28 years and always call “the father of modern Catholic apologetics”) taking me to task (I’m literally mentioned / critiqued about 99 times) for defending the pope and analyzing those whom I think are greatly at fault in their treatment of him. It’s a strange… Read more

I ran across this post of 4-5-18 today on Bishop James “Dr.” [???] White’s website. It was written by an anti-Catholic Reformed / Presbyterian polemicist who goes by “Turretinfan.” I decided to make a rare exception to my policy (since 2007) of not debating theology with anti-Catholics, because this looked interesting and I thought it’d be fun to respond to. His words will be in blue. 2 Corinthians 1:21 (RSV) But it is God who establishes us with you in Christ,… Read more

[These thoughts came about as a result of interacting with a messianic Jew (a Jew who accepts Jesus as Messiah) on the Coming Home Network forum.] * * * * * It’s good to know the Old Testament and the fathers, and it is also good to know, in addition, as much of the prior Jewish tradition as one can. That’s why Jewish Christians have been an immensely great blessing to the Church and Christianity in general (in the case… Read more

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