BLESSED JOHN PAUL II: Larger Than Life (In More Ways Than One)

Here it is:  the larger-than-life portrait of Pope John Paul II which was hung today in St. Peter’s Square.  I suppose it wasn’t displayed at the May 1 Beatification because it would have obstructed the view of hundreds of the faithful.At the Beatification ceremony, Pope Benedict read the official decree in Latin:  We grant that the venerable Servant of God John Paul II, Pope, henceforth be called Blessed and that his feast may be celebrated in the places and according to the regulations establ … [Read more...]


Thomas Peters

It’s the stuff of science fiction, of a dark and dreary Dean Koontz novel: Vatican Invites Bloggers to Rome; Blogosphere Falls Silent Where Is Everybody? One hundred and fifty of us converged upon the Eternal City this week and now, only a few hardy souls—those who can subsist on two hours of sleep per night—are still writing!  Are there no stories?! Actually, the bloggers I’ve met are still bustling, but on a different front.  Unchained from their desks, some are already crossing the Pond, … [Read more...]