An Exercise in Humility

Things were going just too well.I’d had a fairly productive day in the office.  My new haircut was perky, with just the right attitude.  My most recent blog post had been picked up by the New Advent supersite, and I was watching the stats climb—hundreds of readers, over a thousand, still more….So I needed a reality check.I popped into Mass this evening, chatted with a few parishioners, then took my seat in the fourth row.  It wasn’t until I sat to listen to the homily that I saw this:O … [Read more...]

What Mary Wore: Belts and Veils from Mary’s Closet

In honor of the Marian feast this week, I thought I’d take a peek inside the Virgin Mary’s closet.  Sometimes you’d think, from looking at pious representations of the Mother of God, that she was a real fashionista. Actually, when you think about it, living in such a warm climate, Mary must have had at least a few tunics.  But haven’t the artists taken her style just over the top? Why Did Mary Wear Blue?First, there’s that closet full of tunics!  Classical artists like Botticelli, Raphael a … [Read more...]