Sisters at Guest House Give a Gift to Cherish

I love to see the Sisters in treatment at Guest House.  From around the country and around the world they come, bringing their burdens and their fears, but also their hope.  Behind our gates, they confront the addiction that has caught them, interrupting their service to the world and to their Heavenly Father.  They stay with us for four to six months or longer--praying and learning and studying, changing the ebb and flow of their days, working the 12 Steps.And when the time is right they go ho … [Read more...]

Three Humble Mothers, Three Sons Who Changed the World

In the week leading up to Christmas, as we awaited the birth of the Christ Child in a humble stable in Bethlehem, the daily readings focused on God’s choice of three simple, unsophisticated women to be mothers whose sons would change history. Hannah, Mother of Samuel Hannah prayed to God for a son, and in humble trust, she promised that if God granted her wish she would dedicate her son to the Lord.  God heard her prayer, and Hannah gave birth to Samuel.  Hannah loved him and cared for him, but s … [Read more...]