De-Baptism: Is That Even Possible?

Increasing numbers of Europeans are asking to be “de-baptized,” says a report in the Huffington Post, and Church officials are concerned.Say what?  Doesn’t Baptism change you ontologically, leaving an indelible mark on your soul, just as ordination does for the priest?Well, yes.  No matter how hard you scrub, you really can’t wash that mark off. But apparently, people—lots of people!—are trying.  Some estimate the number of “de-baptisms” requested in Europe has reached the tens of th … [Read more...]

Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul: Chesterton's "The Convert"

On January 25, the Church celebrates the Conversion of the Apostle Paul.  Remember: Paul was en route to Damascus, in his quest to persecute the Christians, when he was thrown from his horse, blinded by a vision of Jesus Christ.People turn their hearts to Christ for many reasons:  They begin to study the scriptures or apologetics, and they are led by their intellects.  Someone in their life, a very holy person, inspires them to dig deeper. They experience a health crisis, or find help in a ti … [Read more...]