Seven Years Ago, Pope John Paul II Went Home to the Father

Pope John Paul - 10-18-00

Pope John Paul II said so much, wrote so much, taught so much that was truly memorable. He helped to overthrow communism and to foster peace. He was called a pioneer in inter-faith dialogue. His series of talks which came, cumulatively, to be known as the “theology of the body” helped to sharpen and define our understanding of what he called the “nuptial meaning of the body.” He clarified the Church’s teachings against artificial contraception, capital punishment, divorce, homosexuality and th … [Read more...]

Leonardo da Vinci’s Final Masterpiece, St. Anne, Draws Crowds at The Louvre

The Virgin and Child with St. Anne

Leonardo da Vinci was the quintessential “Renaissance man”—skilled in mathematics, music, science, anatomy, geology, cartography, botany, architecture and writing.An engineer by trade, he developed rudimentary plans for the helicopter, military tank, solar power, and the calculator; but none of these were developed in his lifetime. He conceptualized the theory of plate tectonics; but science had not advanced to the stage where this information could be utilized or even tested. He made im … [Read more...]