One Last Tribute to a Precious Toddler: A Disney Funeral

Bailey Massey - portrait

Bailey Massey was born with biliary artresia, a debilitating liver disease caused by nonfunctioning bile ducts. His parents were told, when he was only seven weeks old, that he needed a liver transplant.Bailey’s father Simon’s liver was a match, so Simon and Bailey underwent surgery on December 20. The surgery was not successful, however; and so Bailey faced a second transplant surgery. That second attempt failed due to a blood complication. When a third transplant was attempted on New Year’ … [Read more...]

Ordained for Just a Week, Then…. Heaven


Graham Turner wanted to be a priest.  It was toward that end that he enrolled at the Beda College in Rome, planning to serve in the Diocese of St. Andrews and Edinburgh, in Scotland.  Graham had hoped to be ordained with his class last June; but that was delayed when he was diagnosed with leukemia.During Holy Week, it became apparent that Graham’s disease was progressing and that his prognosis was poor; so Graham’s father petitioned Cardinal Keith O’Brien, Archbishop of St. Andrews and Edinbu … [Read more...]