94 Years—But Who’s Counting?


We spent another grace-filled Mother’s Day with my mother-in-law, Ruth Schiffer. After ninety-four years of hard work, her knees have failed her; but her spirit is vibrant and loving. She never complains, and I know that she spends her days in prayer for all of us, her family. Now that she’s homebound, she watches the Mass on television—once, twice, three times each day. She prays the Divine Mercy chaplet.So on Sunday, we enjoyed her company. We played dominos, ate lunch (then stayed for dinn … [Read more...]

Old Stuff I Really Don’t Miss

Sometimes it seems like all people do is complain. Contemporary music is (Choose one): (A) Noisy, or (B) Shallow, or (C) Offensive. The American business environment is (Choose one):  (A) Cut-throat, or (B) Impersonal,  or (C) Greedy. My pastor is (Choose one):  (A) Too Conservative, or (B) Too Liberal, or (C) Too Long-Winded. Politicians are (Choose one):  (A) Power-Hungry, or (B) Beholden to Special Interest  Groups, or (C) Unwilling to Listen to the Voters on My Special Issue.A … [Read more...]