Books-A-Million Does the Right Thing!


I am SO PLEASED, and this was not even my story!A few days ago, Patheos blogger and NRO writer Nancy French published an article about her recent visit to Books-A-Million with her children in tow.  Near the children’s section, in plain view, were an assortment of provocative books featuring obscene and near-pornographic covers.  (Click here for the original article, including photos of some of the featured titles.This kind of stuff makes me crazy.  Besides that, I wanted to support Nanc … [Read more...]

When St. Francis Needed to Get Away…

Pope Benedict was scheduled to make a pastoral visit to La Verna on May 13.  The monks and sisters there waited eagerly for his arrival; but inclement weather (a heavy rainfall) necessitated the cancellation of that part of the trip.  I imagine it was the difficult spiral climb up that mountain that could not be negotiated during a heavy rainstorm. *     *     *     *     * St. Francis is most often associated with the Italian village  of Assisi.  And fair enough:  Assisi was home base for Fran … [Read more...]