God in the City: Religious Imagery in the City of Detroit

The Spirit of Detroit

Separation of church and state?  Once upon a time, our national and local governments were not afraid to allow religious expression in public buildings, parks, and offices.  Two such public images are Marshall Fredericks’ The Spirit of Detroit, symbol of hope for the city, and Swedish-born sculptor Carl Milles’ Hand of God, a memorial tribute to Frank Murphy.     THE SPIRIT OF DETROIT Affectionately dubbed the “Jolly Green Giant,” The Spirit of Detroit sits cross-legged on Woodward Avenue, the … [Read more...]

The Power of a Mother’s Prayer

Her son was a wild one. She had tried to impart solid virtues and a lively faith—but her atheist husband quashed that with his brusque way and bad example.So when her eldest son reached his teens, he broke away—rejecting Christianity for an occult religion, and preferring an easy life of casual relationships and carefree sex.  He fathered a child out of wedlock.When her son had first begun the drinking, the carousing, the reckless lifestyle, she had turned her back in grief, forcing … [Read more...]