“I Forgive Him” Says 6-Year-Old Girl, Bitten By Shark

It’s Shark Week on the Discovery Channel! Once again, the Tigers and Hammerheads and Bullheads and Great Whites will thrill, moving ominously through peaceful waters—dorsal fins gleaming, jaws taut, teeth menacing as they glide toward their unsuspecting prey.We’ll watch “Jaws” again, both the first one and the sequel; and we’ll worry again whether everyone will emerge safely from the water off Amity Island.But the shark story that really caught my attention recently was a report comi … [Read more...]

A Politician-Saint?! St. Stephen of Hungary

It’s not often that a politician is canonized as a saint, is it?Thursday, August 16 is the Memorial of St. Stephen of Hungary.  Son of the Magyar chieftain Geza, Stephen succeeded his father as leader of the Magyars in 997. A devout Christian, Stephen used his power to promote the Christian faith throughout the region near the Danube River.   He crushed a series of pagan revolts against Christianity—forcing the conversion of the Black Army, the mercenary forces under King Matthias Corvinu … [Read more...]