God Squeaks By, Wins a Spot on Democratic Platform

American flag

The Democratic Platform Committee has just made room for God in their official party platform—but it was a close call! Until today, it appeared as though the Dems had rejected the Holy Spirit’s prompting to include Him in matters of state; but in what has been described as a “very close” voice vote, and at the urging of President Obama, the Democratic Party allowed the name of God in after all.The first amendment to the Platform, which was introduced by former Ohio Governor and former Met … [Read more...]

Benedict’s Warning and Consolation: Changing Demographics Mean Closing Churches

Empty pew

Catholics in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee are reeling at the news that 103 of its 203 parishes—more than 50%-- will close or consolidate before 2020.The Archdiocese of Detroit, where I live, has embarked on an ambitious program called “Together in Faith” which will result in the closing, merging or clustering of many of its parishes—especially those in the central city, where a changing demographic means that pews are near empty on Sunday mornings.These are hard times for the Catholic Chu … [Read more...]