EQUAL TIME: Cardinal Dolan’s Prayer at the Democratic National Convention

Cardinal Dolan

Last week, I posted Cardinal Dolan’s prayer at the Republican National Convention in its entirety.It seemed an omission, then, not to post his prayer at the conclusion of the Democratic Convention, as well.  Although it’s been posted on-line in several places, including on Cardinal Dolan’s own blog, I am pleased to do my part to spread the word:  At the convention which has been dubbed the “abortion-palooza” for its flagrant celebration of abortion rights, Cardinal Dolan again offered an unap … [Read more...]

You Are What You Do/Say/Think….


I read once that when a neurosurgeon touches a spot on the human brain with a probe, he elicits memories.  All kinds of memories:  a moment in childhood, a school day, a family vacation from years past.  Sights, sounds, tastes, smells, feelings.  Pain and pleasure, fear and fury and fun.  Whatever is stored on that particular neural tract, on the slender, myelin-wrapped pathway, is revealed by the surgeon’s gentle touch. It’s a sobering thought.  That means that everything we have thought and sa … [Read more...]