Would the Vatican REALLY Want an End to American Freedoms? – UPDATED

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It’s tough out here in the Catholic blogosphere.It’s my goal, when I sit down at the keyboard, to inspire, to entertain, to present the Catholic faith in a manner that is both understandable and attractive.  I pray that something I write may, in some small way, persuade someone to take a second look at a belief system which they’ve rejected but which, in my estimation, offers a consistent and logical approach to all things.So I try always to cast the Catholic Church in the best light.  I … [Read more...]

Who Are You? I Mean, Really….

Open Hand

I have just received an email, notifying me that for just $199.95, I can find out Who.I.Am.No, really.That’s because National Geographic has invited my participation in Geno 2.0, their next-generation Genographic Project. For my participation, I will receive, postage-paid, a Genographic Project Participation Kit which includes painless cheek swabs and instructions for submitting my DNA samples (return postage required). I will also receive a beautiful keepsake box to store my results, a … [Read more...]