When Endeavour’s Astronauts Received the Eucharist in Space

Astronaut Tom Jones

So here she is:  The space shuttle Endeavour, on the ground at Los Angeles International Airport on September 21, 2012,  after her final flight.  The shuttle, riding piggyback on a 747, touched down at LAX after a zigzag cruise over California.  She’ll spend a few weeks in the hangar, readying for her final ride aboard a trailer to the California Science Center.I’ve written before about the shuttle astronauts who received communion in Endeavour’s cockpit; but it’s a story that excited the ima … [Read more...]

RIDING THE RAILS: What I Learned Aboard Amtrak Wolverine #351

Good morning, America, how are you? Don’t you know me—I’m your native son…. --train lyrics by Steve Goodman, “City of New Orleans” I consider myself an experienced traveler.  Over the past twenty years I’ve explored seven or eight countries, and all but a couple of the contiguous American states.  I’ve traveled at least twice by train:  once as a small child, when my grandmother took me to Toledo aboard the last steam train to provide service in Michigan; and once with my own children to Ann Arbo … [Read more...]