Jerusalem Cross

Introduction—What are we doing here?   This is article #2 of a series of at least 22 articles which will appear over the next several months—but you should expect a couple of “inserts,” smaller posts which explain the early provincial councils, or a particularly thorny debate, in greater detail.  Those who can do without the minutiae covered in these addendae will still end with a good overview of the complex issues which were resolved and the heresies which were refuted by the early church fathe … [Read more...]

THINK THIS, NOT THAT: Wrestling for Truth—The Great Councils of the Church

Jerusalem Cross

Okay, bear with me here.I have this idea that my readers are just sitting on the edge of their seats, wailing plaintively, “Oh, please!  Please! Tell me about the Councils of the Church!”Well, not really.I do think, though, that there’s a lot of pushing and pulling, prodding and plundering that goes on in the on-line world, as believers jostle to claim their First  Place “I Am Right” Badges.If you’re not one of those folks who cares about Being Right All The Time, In Every Convers … [Read more...]

The Arrogance of Brevity: Speeding Through the Councils

First Ecumenical Council

How does the Church resolve differences of opinion and clarify the meaning of the Scriptures?From the time of the Apostles, there have been disagreements among Christ’s followers.  Peter and Paul disagreed, and had to iron out thorny issues such as dietary laws and the circumcision of Gentiles.From the early days of the Church, Popes have convened great councils—bringing together bishops from around the world who, guided by the Holy Spirit, prayed and discussed, tackled thorny issues and … [Read more...]